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Cooking Team Building Simulations

Facilitated Cooking Team Building Simulations

Cooking Team Building Simulations Our cooking team building simulations involves maximum time in the kitchen and ample time for debriefing to ensure that your team walks away with valuable business lessons from this highly interactive and enjoyable team building. Your group will be divided into teams before they arrive. We'll provide you with recipes, all the ingredients and utensils you need and chefs to coach you. You'll receive feedback from a professional facilitator and professional chefs after you relax and enjoy your creations. We can also have one trained observer for each team to record team dynamics and give more in-depth feedback.

Then, a trained facilitator will debrief the cooking team building simulation with you and focus on how to apply what you have learned to business.

Our core specialty is facilitated business team building. Our cooking team building simulations offer either:

  • briefing, interactive cooking challenges, debriefing, and business application exercises
  • briefing, interactive cooking challenges, debriefing, and business application exercises plus
         observers to provide feedback re: team dynamics



    We deliver MUCH than just a day of fun away from the office.


    How We're Unique

    Many companies advertising cooking team building are, in fact, delivering strictly recreational cooking events.

    We offer FULLY facilitated business team building simulations.

    Blog Post: Cooking Team Building vs Culinary Team Events: Do YOU See the Difference?



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    Who We've Helped

    We have facilitated cooking team building simulations for companies around the world including Novo Nordisk Canada, EMD Serono, TELUS, Rogers Communications (Fido), Mayhew and Associates in Toronto, and Sidra Capital (Saudi Arabia), Baxter - Dubai, Blue Nile Dairy (Sudan).

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    Cooking Team Building Simulations

    We can create cooking team building simulations and put our spin on just about any reality TV cooking show from Chopped to Top Chefs to Iron Chef. Please note that to use the name of the show and replicate the exact concept, royalties must be paid to the producer so this should be built into your budget and enough time should be built into your planning for us to obtain approval. Here are our own cooking team building simuations. Restaurant Inc., inspired by restaurant wars on TV cooking shows and Gourmet Global.

    Brand New for 2014

    Gourmet Global

    cooking team building simulations, TorontoAvailable: Available All Year

  • Group Size: 6 - 100+

  • Pricing: Moderate Budget.

  • Places Available: Our events are available globally. We are most regularly in Canada, USA, Jamaica, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Singapore, Malaysia, and Germany. Switzerland, Italy and France
    have some excellent facilities for incorporating cooking into team building.

    Activities Included: Brainstorming, cooking, presentations by teams, dining, full debriefing by a professional facilitator.


  • Break down silos.
  • Reduce friction and "turf wars" between departments.
  • Improves communication between geographically dispersed teams
  • Increases level of comfort in a fast-paced environment
  • Promote multi-cultural awareness.
  • Help analytical and technical teams connect with their creativity.

  • Ideal for multi-cultural teams.

    Inspired by restaurant wars on reality TV cooking shows, Gourmet Global is a new twist on cooking team building.

    Each team leader selects a flag from a chef's hat. All teams work with the same protein but the seasoning and preparation style will reflect the culture of the country selected. Carbohydrates will vary.

    Teams will decorate a table to reflect a restaurant from the country selected. They will prepare a brief presentation about their country. Teams will be judged on their cooking, teamwork and presentations.

    Our cooking team building simulations includes:

  • a briefing drawing parallels between working as a team to create a great meal and
        team effectiveness in a business environment
  • an interactive cooking in teams to prepare a full gourmet meal
  • debriefing to uncover how the skills that lead to your success in the kitchen can be used
        to improve teamwork and boost performance at work
  • an upbeat interactive keynote to tie it all together

  • Blog Post: Cooking Team Building vs Culinary Team Events: Do YOU See the Difference?

    Book WELL in advance as venues with cooking facilities sell out fast.

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    Charity Team Building

    To give your team the rewarding experience of giving back to the community, use cooking team building simulations to prepare meals for Second Harvest, Meals on Wheels or a similar charity.


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    Small Group Rates

    For Groups of up to 13, our consulting rates apply if your company handles all logistics.

  • 1/2 Day: $2000 (5 Hours)
  • 1 Day: $3500

  • More Details About Small Group Rates & payment terms


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