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Luxury Corporate Events, Jamaica

Corporate Event Planning for Luxury Corporate Events in Jamaica

Luxury Events JamaicaJamaica gets its name from the word "Xaymaca" that means "land of wood and water" in the language of the original inhabitants. The name is appropriate as, at various locations around the country, you'll find bubbling streams, winding rivers, mineral baths, and cascading waterfalls. Internationally, Jamaica is known for reggae but there is a lot more to Jamaica than reggae.

What better way is there for you to explore the country than to have a true Jamaican (our founder and owner) introduce you to some of her favourite places. We'll custom design experiences that will give you an opportunity to explore Jamaica beyond the beaches for a truly memorable experience.

Executive Oasis International will plan and execute your luxury corporate events in Jamaica from start to finish. We have a number of unique experiences that are perfect for companies seeking memorable events to impress clients and express appreciation to top performers. We have listed only a few of the options that are possible. Please contact us for more options.

We deliver MUCH more value than just a day of fun away from the office.


How We're Unique

You no longer do have to hunt for a corporate event planner, team building facilitator and keynote speaker. We offer one stop shopping and deliver "awe-inspiring events".



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Luxury Corporate Events

Here are just a few examples of luxury corporate events that we can design and deliver in Jamaia to please your most discerning guests.

In the Footsteps of James Bond

Available: All Year

Length: 3 - 5 Days

Places Available: Jamaica and any other location where James Bond movies were filmed.

Pricing: High Budget.

This is a description of the programme in Jamaica. The offerings will be customized for each location.

Ian Fleming penned his James Bond adventure novels at his winter retreat on Jamaica's North coast. The chapters are filled with the sights, sounds and place names of Jamaica. A number of James Bond movies have been filmed on location in Jamaica. This adventure will take you to the places in Jamaica where some of the most memorable scenes from the James Bond movies were filmed.

Upon arrival in Jamaica, follow a series of clues and take the same route that James Bond took in the opening scenes of Dr. No.

  • See the location where James Bond walked on the backs of the crocodiles.
  • Visit Kanaga's Lair
  • Visit the haunts of the rich and famous frequented by Ian Fleming
  • ....and much much more

  • Please note: Royalties will have to be paid to United Artist to offer James Bond themed events.

    Blog Post: Best Places for James Bond Themed Events

    Book WELL in advance to allow enough time for logistics.

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    Gourmet Cooking Events

    Gourmet Cooking EventsExecutive Oasis International is always looking for new ways to meet the needs of clients.

    A few years ago, by popular demand, Executive Oasis International teamed up with professional chefs to design and deliver powerful business team building simulations that include gourmet or outdoor cooking challenges. Combining our expert facilitation with their culinary expertise has been a winning combination delivering much more value than strictly recreational cooking.

    In direct response to requests from our clients, we have also been delivering recreational cooking events successfully:

  • during their executive retreats

  • If you have 50 or more participants in other areas, we would be pleased to design a highly engaging recreational cooking event for your team.

    Blog Post: Cooking Team Building vs Culinary Team Events: Do YOU See the Difference?

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    Outdoor Events

    Polo & Equestrian Events

    Survivor Team BuildingAvailable: Varies with location & Programme

    Length: 1/2 Day to 2 Days

    Places Available: Ocho Rios, Montego Bay

    Activities Available: Polo events, hands on polo clinics, polo team building, camel polo. Options vary with the location.

    Pricing: High Budget.

    There is something about the non-stop action of polo that gets your heart racing. The thunder of hooves, the fiercely competitive environment, the shouts of the players in constant communication with their team mates, the moment by moment change in the "line of the ball", and the cheers of the crowd when you score a goal.

    Whether you want your team to relax and enjoy a polo event from the sidelines or get in on the action, contact us and we'll organize an action packed event near you.

    Blog Post: Polo Offers A World of Possibilities for Corporate Events and Team Building

    Book WELL in advance as polo is seasonal in some destinations.

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    Motorcycle Events

    Motorcycle EventsAvailable: Available All Year

    Length: Flexible

    Places Available: Available globally.

    Activities Available: Off-road adventures.

    Pricing: Moderate to High Budget.

    Exploring Jamaica from the back of a motorcycle is one of the most effective ways to get to know the local people and learn about the culture. We got the idea from one of our regular clients and they indicated that it was the highlight of their time in Jamaica. We'll help you locate safe, reliable, insured, and licensed providers to provide guided adventures.

    Blog Post: What's Hot: Motorcycle Adventures

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    Outdoor Team Building

    Island Survival Team Building
    for Executive Retreats in Jamaica

    Team Building RetreatsAvailable: All Year

    Length: 3 - 4 Days

    Focus: Change Management, Problem Solving, Tolerance of Ambiguity, Cross-functional teamwork, Leadership

  • Survivor team building simulation to boost team performance.

  • Places Available: Available Globally

    Activities Available: Orienteering, GPS challenges, beach activities, firestarter challenge, cooking challenges, camping, horse riding.

    Book WELL in advance for camping and equestrian challenges.

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