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Oasis = A Place of Calm & Growth in the Midst of Turbulence

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Sales Rally

by Executive Oasis International, Toronto

Sales Rally Themes

Featured Destinations: Canada, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman,
Jamaica, Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Japan)

We help organizations succeed even during turbulent times!

  • Attempting boost morale and inspire your sales team to "stay the course" during turbulent times?
  • Want to generate new sales strategies for success in a demanding environment?
  • Need to identify new customers to offset declines in your traditional customer bases?
  • Want to reward top performers achieving exceptional results despite the tough economic climate?
We'll help you plan your sales rally
from start to finish and facilitate it expertly.

Executive Oasis International, a Toronto based consulting firm specializes in the design and facilitation of sales rallies and business team building retreats. To reward your team, we offer luxury event planning.

Sales Rally

We use an integrated approach to deliver a sales rally that combines our expert business facilitation with stunning venues, entertainment, recreation, and awards galas. The result? Your team will return to work re-energized, invigorated and with REAL tools and strategies to boost performance and tackle the challenges that lie ahead.


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Sales Rally Simulations

Sales Rally Themes

We are based in Toronto, however, we can offer your sales rally anywhere in the world. We offer a number of highly effective simulations and sales rally themes at luxurious locations in Canada, Jamaica, Dubai, Oman, and Asia (Singapore, Malaysia).

We specialize in 2 1/2 - 3 day
sales retreats & sales rallies.

If your group is 200+ and you only have 2 hours, contact us for suggestions of appropriate resources

Give Back to the Community

Recently, several financial institutions and insurance companies in the USA have been severely criticized for holding luxurious incentive trips when their companies were experiencing financial difficulty.

Wells Fargo defends, then cancels Vegas junket

This has made some organizations nervous about spending on sales rallies and retreats before the economy full recovers.

We want to remind you that, if your company is doing well, you can actually help stimulate the economy and save jobs in the hospitality, travel and tourism industries by spending money on sales rallies, incentives and luxury corporate events. Your company can avoid negative publicity by:

This is an ideal opportunity to inspire your team by giving back to the community. If you want to reward your team, giving back to the community is in and of itself highly rewarding.

Our clients are making a difference!

Apprentice, Team building, Egypt, Singapore, Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur

For a number of years, we had offered team building simulations that provide an opportunity to generate revenue for charity, assemble toys and provide meals for families.

For example, as a result of their involvement in some of our business simulations during sales rallies or team building retreats:

  • In May, 2008, one of our clients from Bahrain provided lunch for a mountain village in Oman, made a donation and donated the items purchased during their GPS treasure hunt and souq challenge to the villagers
  • Our March, 2007 Visexecutaries delegates in Kuala Lumpur raised RM1,647 for the National Kidney Foundation
  • Participants in our May 2007 Visexecutaries: Apprentice Team Building session in Kuala Lumpur raised RM2,311 for the National Kidney Foundation
  • In August, 2006, BBQs were held in conjunction with the EPICPCS Visexecutaries Apprentice Team Building projects. As a result, the executive team of EPICPCS donated funds to the Stepping Stones Shelter in Liberal, Kansas and the Lions Club Save the Train fund in Guymon, Oklahoma
  • CIBC donated a giant puzzle used for a team building simulation during orientation to a children's therapeutic residence
  • Senior managers from various municipalities in China assembled shoeboxes for Operation Christmas child as part of a simulation that we conducted for them during their exchange programme in Toronto

YOUR team & your organization can make a difference too!!

One Stop Shopping

We offer you one stop shopping and thrilling adventures. Our services for your sales rally bundle:

  • facilitated business team building simulations
  • venue selection
  • meeting room arrangements
  • special events
  • lavish themed dinners
  • award ceremonies and galas
  • recreational activities

The activities we can incorporate into your sales rally include:

  • horse riding
  • polo
  • equestrian events
  • dog sledding
  • gala dinners
  • awards ceremonies
  • hot air ballooning
  • tandem skydiving

....the sky is literally the limit
Tandem Skydiving, Dubai, Executive Retreats, Luxury Team Building

Luxury Upgrades

Sales Rally

Our focus is on creating vivid and memorable experiences that will give your team new tools and strategies to enhance team performance and boost sales results. To help your team relax, recharge their batteries and return to work rejuvenated, luxury upgrades are available for your sales rally including:

  • helicopter tours
  • hot air balloon rides
  • tandem skydving (Dubai)
  • spa treatments
  • afternoon tea
  • gourmet food
  • polo and equestrian events.
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Corporate Events for Sales Teams & Clients

Sales Rally

Executive Oasis International is a Toronto (Canada) based consulting firm with a strong network of alliance partners in the Middle East (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Egypt), Jamaica, & Asia (Singapore, Malaysia).

Bringing us to destinations outside Toronto will involve air travel but it's worth it. Please obtain approval for our air travel expenses into your budget BEFORE requesting a quote.

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