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Since 2008, Anne Thornley-Brown, MBA, President, Executive Oasis International has created engaging content for our company blogs.


Anne Thornley-Brown, M.B.A., Blogger & Our President

Anne Thornley-Brown

Anne Thornley-Brown, President of Executive Oasis International, is a professional team building and meeting facilitator, OD specialist, keynote speaker, and well respected blogger.

Anne Thornley-Brown has an M.B.A. from York University's Schulich School of Business in Toronto, Canada. To create compelling blog posts, Anne draws on her business experience serving corporate clients from 18 countries and her travel to 24 countries.

Anne Thornley-Brown has extensive business experience in a variety of industries including banking, wireless communications, high technology, transportation, the non profit sector, and film and television.

Anne focuses on strategies to spearhead organizational change, improve team building effectiveness, and boost the R.O.I. of corporate team building, and executive retreats.


E-book: Team Building and R.O.I for Executives

Team Building, Innovation and R.O.I.: An Executive's Guide to Boosting R.O.I. (PDF)

by Anne Thornley-Brown, M.B.A.

Team building is one of the most effective tools that executives have at their disposal to fuel corporate success. Yet, it is often underutilized and lacking in focus. By understanding the complex nature of team building and the subtle choices that influence success, executives can unleash the power of team building to boost bottom line results.

The global geo-political is undergoing massive transformation.Uncertainty is causing many companies to curtail spending on consultants, facilitators and team building. Off-sites have become rare. Yet, foolishness and folly are taking over the corporate agenda....the more outlandish the better. Everything from axe throwing to smashing objects in rage rooms to mud obstacle courses have become the order of the day. Some of these pose a risk of serious injury....and a lawsuit!

Team Building, Innovation, and R.O.I.: An Executive's Guide to Boosting the Bottom Line is a call for a return to sanity in team building. This 55 page e-book is designed to stimulate discussion and an exploration of how team building can, once again, be used by executives as a vehicle for boosting the bottom line. You'll walk away with tips, tools and proven strategies to improve the effectiveness of team building and executive retreats.

The strategies and tips that I have included are based on the missteps that I have observed companies make over and over again during the past 20+ years.

We'll explore:

  • the steps involved in measuring team building R.O.I.
  • the main ingredients for designing effective team
  • the keys to planning effective team building
  • pitfalls to avoid


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Team Building Destinations Blog

Focus: This blog has a personal touch. Anne started it to capture her experiences and photos from around the world. Her travel to 24 countries so far have definitely shaped her approach to team building and corporate event planning. Anne invites readers to follow her journey and pick up ideas for destinations to host executive retreats.

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You can hear Anne around the 30:00 remark, right after Prime Minister Harper's comments about trust building