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Team Leadership, Change Management, & OD Consulting

Team Leadership & Organizational Development (OD)Toronto

Offering Change Management & OD Consulting



Team Leadership, Organizational Development (OD) Consultants,
Management Consultants, & Organizational Change Agents.

We help organizations foster innovation & shape adaptive corporate cultures.


  • ALL inquiries are handled from Toronto.
  • We are a Toronto (Canada) based management consulting firm specializing in organizational development (OD) and team building.


Your Challenges


  • Losing top talent?
  • Preparing for a merger?
  • Need to foster innovation?
  • Undergoing an accelerated rate of change?
  • Want to transform your corporate culture?
  • Confronted by turf wars between departments?
  • Facing increasingly stiff competition in your market?
  • Experiencing a decline in demand from your traditional customer base?


You are not alone. With upheavals in the geo-political landscape and uncertainty in the global economy, it can feel as if you're heading into uncharted territory.

Many organizations around the world are are grappling with similar challenges. As the business environment becomes increasingly complex,organizations need to design and implement innovative strategies to remain competitive.


How we can Help

Executive Oasis International, a Toronto based consulting firm that was established in 1996, specializes in management consulting to help executive teams, entreprenuers, and small business owners succeed in the midst of turbulence.

Our powerful strategies and tools will help you view your business challenges from a fresh perspective. We'll help you harness the collective wisdom of your team to:

  • resolve your SPECIFIC business issues and challenges
  • identify and seize hidden opportunities in your marketplace


Our management consulting and organizational development (OD) services will help your team navigate change and improve organizational effectiveness:

  • Foster innovation.
  • Retain top talent.
  • Break out of the fire-fighting mode.
  • Keep abreast of global and industry trends.
  • Shape a vibrant and adaptive corporate culture.
  • Design an "early warning system" to identify threats.
  • Build solid commitment to corporate goals and values.
  • Ensure that your team is pulling in the same direction.
  • Break down silos and improve cross-functional teamwork.
  • Re-chart your course in the face of changing realities.


We can even include short exercises and cases from some of our powerful team building simulations.



Who we've Helped

We have designed and implemented customized solutions for organizations from 18 countries (e.g. Canada, USA, Jamaica, Barbados, Dominica, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Singapore, Sudan, South Africa). We have experience in a variety of industries including:

  • Wireless Communications Firms
  • Pharmaceutical
  • High Technology
  • Oil and Gas
  • Banking
  • Airlines
  • Transportation

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Even though I am from the manufacturing team, the tools can all be applied.

Tay Wee Beng, Manager, Samsung(Malaysia)

Creativity and innovation are Anne's trademarks. Her writing, design, facilitation and accelerated training skills enable her to become involved in many initiatives including writing and designing presentations and speeches for members of the executive team.

Marc C. A. Berwald, Director, Learning And Development, Bell Mobility (Toronto)

We continue to be impressed with the depth of information that you are able to uncover and assess...."

Miguel Gonsalves, Former Director, Telus Mobility (Toronto)

Thank you for your assistance in developing a customized programme for new hires or internal transfers into the corporate account arena. The feedback from your sessions with team members was extremely useful, it helped up size the gap between staff expectations and what we are delivering and allowed us to identify, and focus on opportunities for improvement.

Ann deCasseres, Manager, Corporate Sales, Bell Mobility

Anne's experience with accelerated learning, international consulting, and her ability to customize her feedback to each individual makes her consulting work extremely valuable.... just one of her tips helped me save thousands of dollars in expenses for my business.

Mike Aoki, President, Reflective Keynotes (Toronto)

Anne has an excellent grasp of the subject. The expert in her really commanded my respect.

M B Sakorkar, LTITL (India)






Who we can Help

If your organization is going through a lot of change or if your organization needs to implement a change in order to remain viable and competitive, we can assist you. Executives and busines owners typically use our consulting services:

  • When experiencing high turnover
  • After recent changes in executive team
  • Designing a turnaround strategy
  • Implementing a high growth strategy
  • Going through a merger or acquisition
  • Needing to identify new target markets for products & services
  • Noticing a decline or shift in the traditional customer base
  • CEO joined company in last 60 days
  • Revenue generating or cost cutting strategies needed

Areas of Focus

  • Organizational Development
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Talent Retention
  • Change Management
  • Blogging Strategy
  • Guerilla Marketing
  • Marketing Innovation
  • High Growth Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Corporate Culture Transformation



What we Don't Offer

If you are looking for a traditional approach with detailed and rigourous analytical and financial tools and models, our approach would not be a good fit for you. Our focus is on innovation and using tools that will help executives from fast-paced organizations get a view of the lay of the land. We'll help you identify obstacles, challenges, and opportunities so that you can chart your course when action is needed.



Our Approach

To help you and your team achieve results, we will guide you through a step-by-step process beginning with a diagnostic consultation to determine:

  • Determine your organizations goals and objectives
  • Measure the gap between current performance and
        desired performance
  • Identify how you are currently performing
  • Pinpoint what is causing the gaps

Next, we'll design and implement a strategy to remove barriers and take effective steps towards achieving your objectives. This will include:

  • Setting benchmarks and milestones
  • Tracking progress
  • Measuring results
  • Determining next steps



Meet Our Senior Consultant & President

Anne Thornley-Brown, President and founder of Executive Oasis International, has a solid track record as a management consultant, facilitator, and organizational change agent.

Anne has an MBA from Schulich School of Business.

Anne has worked with executives, managers and professionals from 18 countries (Canada, USA, Jamaica, Dominica, Barbados, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Thailand, South Africa, and Sudan).

She has travelled to 24 countries and toured Asia 18 times to deliver sessions to over 2000 executives, managers, and professionals.

Anne blogged for Cvent 5 times a week for 4 1/2 years. She blogs for EventMobi, Plan Your Meetings by MPI, and Huffington Post. She has also blogged for Event Manager Blog, Elite Meetings, Meetings.net, and other portals. She is active on social media.


  • Group Owner, International Team Building Network for Executives, members from
        30+ countries
  • Group Owner, B2B Bloggers Network
  • Group Manager, Event Planning & Management Group, 340,000+ Members (2008 - 2017)


More About Anne Thornley-Brown