Polo Team Building, Toronto

Facilitated Polo Team Building
Toronto, Jamaica, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia

Powerful Strategies & Tactics for a Fast-Paced, Turbulent Environment.




  • We are a Toronto (Canada) based management consulting & firm.
  • Our Polo team building ranges from 1 1/2 - 2 days.
  • We do NOT specialize in activities that are strictly recreational.


Important: Team Building vs Team Recreation: Here is the difference



Business Today is a Different Ball Game

Polo is the perfect metaphor for today's hectic and rapidly changing business environment. It mirrors and reflects the realities of working in a turbulent economy. To succeed in the business world and on the polo field, strategy, teamwork, on-going communication, and the ability to "spin on a dime" are essential. Teams must be quick, agile, and nimble.

To hone your teamwork skills and prepare for the challenges of a fast paced environment, there is nothing like the intense action of polo....the breakneck speed of play, the thunder of hooves, the fiercely competitive environment, the shouts of the players in constant communication with their team mates, the moment by moment change in the "line of the ball", and the cheers of the crowd when you race towards the goalposts and score.


Polo Team Building with a Difference

Polo Team Building, is a powerful business simulation that will introduce your team to the basics of polo. Even if some team members decide to never to get on a horse, they can play a supportive role by grooming, tacking, and cheering. A trained facilitator will set the context, polo tactics and strategies to your specific business challenges and, debrief the experience to identify take-aways that you can apply to YOUR "real world" of business.

  • Equip your team with strategies to thrive in a fast-paced environment.
  • Enhance your team's ability to deal with uncertainty.
  • Improve your team's effectiveness in the midst of turbulence.
  • Develop the strategic agility to adapt to change quickly.
  • Improve team decision making by ensuring that
    team members are in sync and in tune with each other.


Give your team new tools and strategies to thrive in a fast paced environment.


Polo Team Building


Group Size: 4 - 20 (Optimal = 6 - 12)

Time Required: 1 1/2 - 2 Days


  • Leadership
  • Risk Taking
  • Dealing with Change
  • Tolerance of Ambiguity
  • Compensating for Team Weaknesses
  • Moving beyond your zone of comfort
  • Thriving in a Fast Paced Environment
  • Supporting & Covering Other Team Members

    Typical Outline

    Length: 1 1/2 - 2 Days *

    * = 1 Day Version Will be Rushed & too Short
    (We only provide it as some clients can't spare more time.)

    • Pre-session CEO briefing to pinpoint your Key Business Challenges
    • Pre-Session Team Briefing Focusing on Your Specific Business Issues
    • Facilitated Business Exercises with parallells to polo
    • Afternoon Tea
    • Opportunity to view a polo (available on certain days)
    • Polo Clinic (See one day Agenda)
    • Debriefing
    • Facilitated Business Exercises
    • Post Session Follow Up Session with Team

    Facilitation & Logistics


    Facilitation: Your facilitator will take you through a 1/2 day pre-briefing to ensure that the links between polo and the daily challenges your team faces are clear. Your facilitator will debrief the experience with your team to help you mine your experience for insights that team members can take back to work and use immediately.

    Logistics: The initial 1/2 day briefing can be conducted at your office or the polo club.



    • Toronto: April to November ($400 P.P. based on 20)
    • Jamaica: January to July (US$350 P.P. based on 20 - Intro to Polo)
    • Dubai: October to April
    • Singapore: October to May
    • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: October to May


    Quoted pricing includes lunch and snacks.

    Contact us for other locations

    Contact us before locking in your dates to ensure that polo will be played that evening.


    Polo Basics with Nacho Figueras

    Polo 101 with Nacho Figueras Video


    Professional polo player Nacho Figueras covers polo basics




    Credit: © Shane Chin All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.



    Full Polo Team Building Agenda

    Day 1 Day 2 (Polo) Day 2 (Debriefing)
    CEO Presentation Wooden Horses Communcation
    Business Turbulence Hand Mallets Leadership
    The Sport of Kings Scrimmages Polo Tactics
    Goals Lunch Competitions
    Chukkas Riding Lesson Applications
    Line of the Ball Stick and Balling Take-aways
    Polo Viewing Practice Chukkas Follow-up

    Polo Team Building - 1 Day Version   *

    Times Morning Times Afternoon
    8:30 Session Starter 11:45 Lunch
    8:45 CEO (Sets Context) 12:45 Foot Mallets
    9:00 Polo & Links to Your Business 1:15 Ground Scrimmages
    (Round Robin)
    9:30 Facilitated Business Exercises 1:45 Riding Mini-Lesson
    10:30 Break   Practice Chukkas
    10:45 Polo Intro 3:45 Snack
    11:15 Wooden Horses 4:00 Full Debriefing


    * = End time must be flexible in case of late start.



    • Polo and Business

      During this highly interactive session, we will draw parallels between competing fiercely in a turbulent market, and polo terms, tactics, and startegies. (See Briefing column.)

      This programme was designed for non-riders.

    • Polo at Full Speed

    • Corporate Polo Day

      Professional polo player Nacho Figueras covers polo basics