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How to Fix Broken Sales Rallies and Sales Retreats

Many sales rallies and sales retreats are not as effective as they could be because they follow a familiar formula. After a review of cold calling or closing basics (that are already familiar to most of the participants), there are product knowledge sessions.

After, the CEO rallies the troops, a motivational speaker pumps up the team and sends them off on a high. Often, the keynotes have little do with the day-to-day realities that the team faces. Are the obstacles that explorers overcame to climb the Himalayas really relevant to the daily challenges of sales professionals? Peripherally maybe but not directly.

Photo Credit: Stacey Huggins (Flickr)

After the adrenaline rush fades, the sales team is left with the same challenges and no new strategies to address them.


Re-engineering the Sales Rally

To design more effective sales rallies, it is important to allocate time to identifying obstacles, brainstorming solutions, learning success secrets from the top producers, and formulating a plan. Instead of an agenda packed with wall to wall content, it is important to give participants "thinking time" to pause, reflect, and strategize. A business simulation can give sales teams the opportunity to test pilot the new strategies they have learned.


How we can Help

Executive Oasis International, a Toronto based consulting firm, specializes in the design and facilitation of executive retreats, sales rallies, meetings, and team building. We offer interactive keynotes that deliver practical tools for sales teams.

Based on your objectives and organizational challenges, we'll customize an approach that's a perfect fit for your sales professionals and the real challenges they face.

Since 1996, we have helped rapidly changing companies from 18 countries boost team and organizational performance. Our powerful business simulations are ideal for sales rallies. To reward your sales team, we can also upgrade your experiene with luxury event planningservices

We will help you:

  • boost morale and inspire your sales team to "stay the course" during times of turbulence and uncertainty.
  • generate new sales strategies for success in a demanding environment.
  • strengthen relationships between geographically dispersed teams.
  • Break down silos and improve cross-functional teamwork.
  • identify new market niches and prospects customers to offset the erosion of your traditional customer base.
  • reward top performers to continue achieving exceptional results despite market challenges.
  • Transform your corporate culture.


We offer one stop shopping for sales rallies that integrates our expert business facilitation with stunning venues, entertainment, recreation, and awards galas. The result?

Your sales team will return to work re-energized, invigorated and with REAL tools and strategies to boost performance and tackle the challenges that lie ahead.



During the team building session for the sales representatives of our Metal Division, we had an opportunity to experience an approach which was quite different from other programs that we have seen. You certainly helped build a better team spirit within our division.

Ernie Sweeney, President & CEO, Wurth Canada

This was a terrific team building, surpassed my expectations and provided an entirely new experience.

Ian Lum You, Vice-President, Sales, Dial Corporation

Anne Thornley-Brown, President of Toronto based Exercutive Oasis International, facilitated the retreat. Anne took us through a series of exercises. The biggest was a simulation loosely based on the TV show "The Apprentice". The retreat went well. Anne provided useful techniques and was enthusiastic and informative. The Leadership Team enjoyed themselves and learned so much about the value by each participant from our Leadership Team.

Bob Boaldin, Founder/CEO, EPICPCS Elkhart, Kansas

The various projects emphasized the great importance of developing a marketing strategy using mind maps, storyboards and listening to the minority which might have brilliant ideas for business. All strategies and tools are applicable to our business.

Mohamed Awaad, Force Field Manager (SALES), GlaxxoSmithKline GSK (Saudia Arabia)








What we Offer

Few senior executives can afford to invest time, money, or energy in sales rallies that add little in terms of bottom line value. That's where we come in.

Our core services are management consulting, team building, and meeting facilitation and. We integrate our expert business facilitation with engaging indoor and outdoor recreational team challenges to keep your team energized and create effective business team building simulations that are perfect for sales rallies. Some of them have real revenue-generatig projects that give sales teams the opportunity to finetune the skills, tools, and strategies that they are acquiring.

After an in-depth debriefing, we re-configure the teams and assign SPECIFIC business issues, challenges, or opportunities to each team. The rest of the time is devoted to:

  • analyzing your business issues using the tools and strategies acquired during the simulation
  • an opportunity for teams to make brief presentations about the results of their analysis and proposed solutions
  • your business agenda items
  • next steps and a follow up planning to be implemented when your team returns to the office


The Added Touch

Whether your sales team is small or large, we are always on the lookout for ways to suprise your team during downtime and amp up their experience at no extra cost.

For example, during a winter retreat for an executive and sales team in Ontario, we suprised the team with a visit from the Jamaica Dog Sled Team. During their President's Club, we suprised another team with a polo match featuring Nacho Figeuras. Sometimes timing is everything so please don't lock in your dates until we have connected.



Sales Rally Themes

We are based in Toronto but we have had the pleasure of serving clients in every corner of the globe including Canada, Jamaica, Barbados, Dominica, Dubai, Oman, and Asia (Singapore, Malaysia). We can draw from these experiences to create a variety of themes for your sales rally. We can transform any meeting room or banquet hall with with music, cuisine, energizers, and decor.


Here are a few other examples.


Due to our President's expertise in designing themes and bringing them to life, she has been engaged by a number of on-line portals to write blog posts about themes, event trends, and best practices for meetings. This has made it possible for her to pick up even more ideas from exceptional events. We can incorporate any of these ideas into your sales rallies.

Blog Posts:




Give Back to the Community

Several financial institutions and insurance companies in the USA were severely criticized for holding luxurious junkets when their companies were experiencing financial difficulty. This triggered what was known as "the AIG effect".

This made some organizations nervous about spending on sales rallies and executive retreats and things have never quite returned to where they were the September, 2008 stock market meltdown.

We want to remind you that, if your company is doing well, you can actually help stimulate the economy and save jobs in the hospitality, travel, and tourism industries by spending money on sales rallies, incentive trips and luxury corporate events. Your company can avoid negative publicity by:

Executive Oasis International was involved in giving back to the community LONG before CSR became a buzzword. That's because our Founder and President was once a professional social worker with a strong awareness of the challanges famliies and communities face.

For example, as a result of their involvement in some of our business team building simulations during sales rallies or and executive retreats:

  • The entire senior management team of one of our clients from Bahrain provided lunch for a mountain village in Oman, made a donation, and donated the items purchased during their GPS treasure hunt and souq challenge to the villagers
  • Our March, 2007 Visexecutaries delegates in Kuala Lumpur raised RM1,647 for the National Kidney Foundation
  • Participants in our May 2007 Visexecutaries: Apprentice Team Building session in Kuala Lumpur raised RM2,311 for the National Kidney Foundation
  • In August, 2006, BBQs were held in conjunction with the EPICPCS Visexecutaries Apprentice Team Building projects. As a result, the executive team of EPICPCS donated funds to the Stepping Stones Shelter in Liberal, Kansas and the Lions Club Save the Train fund in Guymon, Oklahoma.
  • CIBC donated a giant puzzle used for a team building simulation during orientation to a children's therapeutic residence
  • Senior managers from various municipalities in China assembled shoeboxes for Operation Christmas child as part of a simulation that we conducted for them during their exchange programme in Toronto


YOUR team & your organization can make a difference too!!



Luxury Upgrades

Your top performers work hard al year. Our focus is on creating vivid and memorable experiences invto help them relax, recharge their batteries and return to work rejuvenated, luxury upgrades are available for your sales rally including:


Luxury upgrades don't require a high budget. Even chair massages during a break or at lunchtime can make a difference.




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