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Survivor Team Building

Facilitated Business Team Building Simulation to Foster Innovation and Manage Change



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  • We are a Toronto (Canada) based team building & management consulting firm.
  • ALL inquiries are handled from Toronto.
  • We do NOT specialize in activities that are strictly recreational.


Global Business & Economic Challenges

One thing we can say with confidence is that uncertainty will remain high for some time in politics, macroeconomics, and business, at both global and national levels....managers accustomed to stabler times will have to improve their game for strategy in uncertainty.

"The World Just Got More Uncertain and Your Strategy Needs to Adjust" Havard Business Review

In this time of change and uncertainty, even companies with a strong bottom line need to be alert, proactive, on top of their game, and agile enough to respond quickly and effectively to shifts in the economy and the marketplace..

Around the globe, executives share a number of challenges:

  • fostering innovation in an increasingly complex and competitive global economy
  • charting their course in the face of change and uncertainty
  • breaking down silos and promoting cross-functional teamwork
  • keeping abreast of technological change and innovation
  • managing fast-paced, rapidly changing organizations
  • talent recruitment and retention as baby boomers retire
  • managing multi-generational workforces


Effective team performance is no longer a "nice to have". It is a key organizational success factor with bottom line impact.


How we can Help

Our Survivor team building simulations will introduce you to proven tools and business strategies that you can use on an on-going basis to manage change, navigate your course in the face of uncertaintly and enhance team and organizational effectiveness. Your team will compete in a variety of outdoor challenges shaped by the natural surroundings. You'll go back to work as a more cohesive unit, rejuvenated and ready to tackle the demands of that lie ahead.

Since 1996, Executive Oasis International, a Toronto team building and consulting firm, has helped rapidly changing organizations from 18 countries:

  • foster innovation to gain a competitive edge.
  • design & execute innovative strategies to stay ahead of the curve
  • identify and tap into new market niches to replace areas of decline.
  • Break down silos and improve cross-functional teamwork.
  • identify new new niches to replace markets that are in decline
  • fire teams that are tired & discouraged
  • thrive in a fast paced environment



We had the pleasure of having Ms. Thornley-Brown assist us in developing an Arctic Simulation experience for 35 members of our team. Anne facilitated the sessions and empowered us to find unique and effective solutions within a collaborative environment.

David Peterson, Executive Director, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

We recently employed Anne Thornley-Brown for a weekend team-building event in Dubai. The above were all achieved during the weekend through a combination of business exercises and fun activities. Anne managed to keep us all focused and alert throughout the two days, as well as joining in a lot of the activities. All of the events were well developed & managed.

Akhtar Zahid, General Manager, Blue Nile Dairy Company Ltd., The Dal Group of Companies (Sudan)

During the team building session for the sales representatives of our Metal Division, we had an opportunity to experience Island Survival: Marooned in Jamaica's Cockpit Country, an approach which was quite different from other programs that we have seen. You certainly helped build a better team spirit within our division.

Ernie Sweeney, President & CEO, Wurth Canada,

We have worked with Anne the last three years for our President's Club and she was top notch for quality. The three events were great success and many thanks to Anne for her expert services to make them great! I would highly recommend Anne for group functions to let your group enjoy and relax knowing you are being taken care of.

Michael Turajlich, Scalar Decisions Inc., Toronto

I believe mixing the different levels of employees was critical to the success of the activities and projects. All energizers and immunity challenges were excellent. I plan to encourage my staff to more freely. The mind maps encourage equal participation from all.

Chris Goodwin, Store Manager, Mister Safety Shoes

Anne worked with members of a Board of Directors and a group of 30+ participants composed of both the association's membership and clientele. Anne developed a creative, team building simulation, Island Survival: Marooned in Jamaica's Cockpit Country ....kept all in a good humour...and, most important, helped our flagging spirits and organization push forward to the next phase!

Laurie Blake, Governor General's Horse Guards Riding Club






Suite of Survivor Team Building Simulations

We offer these country specific team building simulations in a number of locations. If one of our region specific simulations is of interest to you, we can use video footage, props, music, and special catering menus to capture the essence of any experience.

  • Overview

    Please note These are FULLY, Facilitated business simulations NOT recreational activities.

    Focus: Change Management, Problem Solving, Tolerance of Ambiguity, Cross-functional Teamwork, Leadership

    Length: 2 1/2 - 3 Days

    Inspired by the TV show Survivor, our survival team building takes teams through a step by step "tune up" to:

    • Boost team spirit
    • Spearhead change initiatives.
    • Pull a team together after a merger.
    • Identify and eliminate communication barriers.
    • Break down silos and improve cross-functional teamwork.
    • Strengthen links between geographically dispersed teams.
    • Identify new target markets for your products and services


  • Storyline:

    • Your team is lost in a remote location.
    • The team must design a plan to raise money upon rescue.
    • Upon "rescue" the team is whisked to a tropical location for a full debriefing.


    Sample Agenda

    • Session Starter(in Trios)
    • CEO Briefing - Organizational Challenges & Objectives
    • Team Briefing (by Facilitator) - Links to Business
    • Survival Case (Airplane Crash)
    • Simulation (Facilitated Exercises & Outdoor Team Challenges)
    • Full Debriefing
    • Re-configure Teams
    • Business Application Exercises
    • Team Mini-Presentations
    • Business Meeting (Optional)


    Cultural Exploration

    Our Survivor team building retreats will also give your team an opportunity to find inspiration from the local culture and traditional lifestyle. A charity project to give back to the community can be built in.

    • Visit a Maroon village in the hills of Jamaica
    • Go on a desert safari in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi) and camp out overnight in the desert in Bedouin style tents
    • Have lunch with an Omani family in their village
    • Camp out in the jungle and participate in agricultural and construction projbec in an Orang Asli Village in Malaysia
    • Go dog sledding near Toronto or Montreal.
  • Tools

    Our brainstorming, decision-making, and problem solving toolkist includes:

    • Idea Chains
    • Grids
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Force Fields
    • Storyboards


  • Canada

    Winter Team Building: Survivor Team Building

    Available: January to Late March

    Places Available: Toronto, Montreal, Tremblant, Eastern Townships, Gatineau, Banff, Lake Louise

    Activities Available: Orienteering, snowshoeing, dog sledding,ice climbing, broomball, and other winter challenges.

    Book WELL in advance for dog sledding.



    Wilderness Survival: Survivor Team Building

    Places Available: Toronto, Montreal, Tremblant, Eastern Townships, Gatineau, Banff, Lake Louise

    Wilderness Survival Team Building

    Available: Mid-May to Mid-October

    Activities Available: Orienteering, GPS challenge, canoeing, camping, canyoning, caving, outdoor cooking challenges, horse riding.

  • USA

    Wilderness Survival USA: Survivor Team Building

    Wilderness Survival Team Building

    Places Available:The Poconos, Vermont, New Hampshire, California, Arizona

    Desert Survival USA: Survivor Team Building

    Places Available: California, Arizona, Nevada

    Winter Team Building USA: Survivor Team Building

    Places Available: The Poconos, Vermont, New Hampshire, Alaska, Colorado


  • Jamaica

    Island Survival: Survivor Team Building

    • Stay at a Beach Resort
    • Horse Riding Lessons
    • Games on Horseback
    • Beach Rides on Horseback
    • Shopping Challenges in the Market
    • Ziplining
    • Rafting


  • Singapore & Malaysia

    Jungle Survival: Survivor Team Building

    • Camp out in the Jungle
    • Canopy Walk
    • Shelter Construction Challenges
    • Make Your Own Cutlery and Cooking Utensils
    • Visit an Orang Asli Village
    • Melaka Tour


  • UAE

    Desert Survival: Survivor Team Building

    Desert Survival Team Building

    Available: Mid-October to Late April

    Places Available: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman

    • Camp out at a Bedouin Desert Camp
    • Dune Bashing in 4 x 4 Jeeps or Hummers
    • Tent PiTching Challenge
    • Camel Trek
    • Camel Watering Relay
    • Feast Under the Stars
    • Dhow Dinner Cruise (Optional)


  • Oman

    Mountain Team Building: Survivor Team Building

    Length: 3 - 4 Days

    The terrain in Oman is rugged extra time to get around must be allocated.

    • Stay at a secluded hotel in the mountains
    • Magical Night Tour of Nizwa
    • Mountain Trek in 4 X 4 Jeeps
    • Souk GPS Shopping Challenge
    • Wadi Bashing
    • Fort Exploration
    • Abseiling, Rock Climbing or Caving
    • Traditional Style Lunch with an Omani Family




Toronto Team Building

Dubai Team Building

Team Building in Jamaica