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Global Business & Economic Challenges

As commerce becomes increasingly global and complex, the bulk of modern work is more and more team-based.

What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team

New York Times

With changes in the global geo-political landscape, organizations are facing a time of turbulence and uncertainty. As change intensifies, organizations and the markets in which they do business are becoming more fast-paced and increasingly complex.

Current challenges companies include:

  • retaining and inspiring top talent
  • fostering innovative corporate cultures
  • managing growth, change, and uncertainty
  • thriving in fast-paced environment
  • boosting team performance


Team building can help organizations acieve these results. Unfortunately, many "team building" programmes are perceived as a waste of time because team members are engaged in hoaky and contrived activities that are not relevant to the day-to-day challenges. Team members are busy and they need to feel that they have received value for the time they have invested while work is piling up on their desks. There is a place for team recreation but it is not a substitute for "real" team building.


How we can Help

Executive Oasis International, a Toronto team building and management consulting firm, offers highly effective business team building simulations all over the world. Since 1996, we have helped rapidly changing companies from 18 countries boost team and organizational performance.

At Executive Oasis International, we don't believe in "canned" or contrived approaches to team building. We reverse engineer solutions to achieve your desired outcomes.

A brief conversation with your sponsoring executive will help us pinpoint and design the optimal solution to deliver desired results within the scope of your budget.

Every participant will complete a Participant Profile and mini-learning styles inventory to ensure that we deliver content that is of value. (There is no point in covering what team members already know.)

Based on your objectives and organizational challenges, we'll customize an approach that's a perfect fit for your team.

Our team building facilitation will help you:

  • Create a climate that encourages collaboration and open communication.
  • Strengthen relationships between geographically dispersed teams.
  • Break down silos and improve cross-functional teamwork.
  • Boost morale during times of turbulence and uncertainty.
  • Cut red tape and streamline processes.
  • Get buy-in for your vision and values.
  • Transform your corporate culture.


The best news of all is that your team will have fun doing it.



During the team building session for the sales representatives of our Metal Division, we had an opportunity to experience an approach which was quite different from other programs that we have seen. You certainly helped build a better team spirit within our division.

Ernie Sweeney, President & CEO, Wurth Canada

This was a terrific team building, surpassed my expectations and provided an entirely new experience.

Ian Lum You, Vice-President, Sales, Dial Corporation

We had the pleasure of having Ms. Thornley-Brown assist us in developing an Arctic Simulation experience for 35 members of our team. Anne facilitated the sessions and empowered us to find unique and effective solutions within a collaborative environment.

David Peterson, Executive Director, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

The survival case gave us a chance to provide our own ideas and defend them in a team setting. The architecture case allowed us to collaborate with others to get the job done. The puzzle game was challenging but also brought out good team dynamics.

Wareen Roque, CIBC







Sample Team Building Simulations


  • We are a Toronto (Canada) based team building & management consulting firm.
  • ALL inquiries are handled from Toronto.
  • We do NOT specialize in activities that are strictly recreational.

Important: Team Building vs Team Receation: Here is the difference



Team Building (By Country)

In addition to our country specific programmes, please also consult our listing of international team building programmes that are available to companies all over the world.


Our Flexible Options

We offer a range of options to cater to the needs of companies with budgets at various levels:

  • Gold: Fully facilitated team building simulations integrated with team challenges (e.g. outdoor activities, cooking challenges, etc.) to relax team members and break down barriers. Full event planning included.
  • Silver:Fully facilitated business simulations delivered on-site PLUS 1/2 day - 1 day of off site recreational team challenges that reflect the simulation theme.
  • Bronze: On-site team building without team activities. The theme will be reflected through video, props and visuals.
    (The budget will be lower as activity facilitators will not be needed.)

Our business team building simulations can include:

  • designing guerilla marketing initiatives
  • shooting commercials or viral videos
  • creating pop-up events
  • mystery shopping
  • field trips
  • cooking challenges
  • equestrian activities
  • wilderness challenges
  • winter activities
  • desert safaris

Our Effective Team Building Approach

We have earned a reputation for designing and delivering top quality team building with a creative touch. Our team building integrates expert business facilitation with indoor and outdoor team challenges to break down barriers.

The result? Your team will return to work energized, invigorated and with REAL tools and strategies to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

To ensure that our approach is the perfect fit for your team, we use participant profiles to give every participant input and we assess the interaction and learning styles of team members through our mini learning styles survey. (If you wish, we can upgrade to the HBDI inventory. Depending on your objectives, we can use an emotional intelligence (EQ) assessment instrument or 360° feedback tool and debrief it with your team.)

We are, first and foremost, team building and meeting facilitators, management consultants, and organizational change agents. While our programmes are upbeat and fun, we do not specialize in stand-alone activities that are strictly recreational.

What we Offer

Few senior management teams can afford to invest time, money or energy in team building that adds little in terms of bottom line value. That's where we come in.

Our core services are team building facilitation and management consulting. We integrate our expert business facilitation with engaging indoor and outdoor recreational team challenges to keep your team energized and create effective business team building simulations.

After an in-depth debriefing, we re-configure the teams and assign SPECIFIC business issues, challenges, or opportunities to each team. The rest of the time is devoted to:

  • analyzing your business issues using the tools and strategies acquired during the simulation
  • an opportunity for teams to make brief presentations about the results of their analysis and proposed solutions
  • your business agenda items
  • next steps and a follow up planning to be implemented when your team returns to the office

We offer facilitated team building in 3 formats:

What we Don't Offer


  • We do NOT offer short, stand alone, low budget, strictly recreational activities for teams.
  • We are NOT a travel agency.
  • We don't help organizations make arrangements for foreign retreats that we will not be facilitating.

Most of our clients come from fast-paced, rapidly changing organizations. Teams face the challenge of making decisions and producing results in tight timeframes. For this reason, our aim is to help you avoid analysis paralysis.

For this reason, by design we don't use highly analytical tools, financial analysis and models. We aim to cut through the complexity and give teams tools that promote a common understanding of the dynamics at play. Therefore, if you are seeking detailed and rigourous analytical tools and complex financial models, our approach would not be a good fit for you.

Our focus is on innovation and using tools that will help executives, managers and sales professionals from fast-paced organizations:

  • get a clear view of the lay of the land to determine priorities
  • spot emerging trends in your marketplace
  • engage in course correction to keep abreast of marketplace developments


We'll help you identify obstacles, challenges, and opportunities to chart your course and take action when it is required.

Give Back to the Community

Why not take things a step further and give your team the truly rewarding experience of giving back to the community? Our Founder and President was once a professional social worker.

So, long before corporate social responsibility was a buzz word, our clients have raised funds for the National Kidney Foundation in Malaysia, a mountain village in Oman, a Hispanic social worker with medical needs in Kansas, a women's shelter in Kansas, the Save the Train fund in Oklahoma, and more

Your team can:

  • raise funds for a local charity
  • cook for a shelter in Canada
  • assemble and provide uniforms, books, computers, or school supplies for children in Jamaica
  • assemble shoeboxes for operation Christmas child
  • coach vendors in a market or souk
  • provide a meal and share it with a mountain village in Oman






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