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We facilitate executive retreats, team building, meetings, brainstorming, and project management sessions.

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We do NOT specialize in activities that are strictly recreational.

Our Toronto team building simulations seamlessly integrate FACILITATED business team building exercises with indoor or outdoor team challenges that harmonize with the changing seasons in Toronto.

Important: Team Building vs Team Recreation: Here is the difference



Current Business Challenges in Canada

Ontario's overall economic growth is forecast to slow from 2.4 per cent in 2018 to 2.1 per cent this year.

Uneven Economic Outlook for Canadian Provinces in 2019 (Conference Board of Canada

At this juncture, innovation is a key succcess factor for companies in Toronto to remain competitive. Yet, for over a decade, the Conference Board of Canada (DET), has been reporting that Canada has been lagging behind many G20 nations in innovation.

To thrive in a climate of economic uncertainty, it is more important than ever for executives to harness the creativity of their teams to generate innovative solutions.

How we can Help

For the past 20 years, Executive Oasis International, a Toronto team building and management consulting firm, has helped rapidly changing organizations in Canada and 18 other countries:

  • Foster innovation to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Break down silos and improve cross-functional communication.
  • Manage growth, change and uncertainty.
  • Give teams strategies and tools to thrive in a fast-paced environment
  • Tap into hidden business opportunities to fuel their growth.


At Executive Oasis International, we don't use contrived activities or a "canned" approach to team building. We reverse engineer solutions to achieve your desired outcomes.

A brief conversation with your sponsoring executive is essential to pinpoint and design the optimal solution to deliver desired results within the scope of your budget.

Our team building and facilitation services are available off-site or on-site (to stretch your budget).




Our POWERFUL facilitated team building simulations and OD consulting services help companies survive, thrive, and grow even in the midst of turbulence.


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During the team building session for the sales representatives of our Metal Division, we had an opportunity to experience an approach which was quite different from other programs that we have seen. You certainly helped build a better team spirit within our division.

Ernie Sweeney, President & CEO, Wurth Canada

The comments were very positive....you kept the enthusiasm and energy of the group at a high level....participants truly enjoyed the concepts of the mind-mapping and story-boarding.... we walked away with some great new ideas and the day was a success! Much appreciated....

Patrick C. Charles, Manager - Operations & Initiatives Operations Service Centre - Toronto, Royal Bank of Canada

This was terrific team building, surpassed my expectations and provided an entirely new experience.

Ian Lum You, Vice-President, Sales, Dial Corporation

It was a really great team building. Worked and collaborated together. Fun.

Avril Murray, Novo Nordisk Canada











Toronto Team Building Simulations

In addition to our team building listing for Toronto, please also consult our listing of
international team building programmes that are available to companies all over the world.

  • Highlights

    2 - 3+ Day Team Building

    Our team building is unique. Some local companies market activities that are strictly recreational as "team building". Others offer "classrooom" approaches on presentations.

    Executive Oasis International offers the best of both worlds. We design and facilitate powerful business simulations that deliver bottom line results AND the "fun factor". Our interactive team building keeps participants engaged from start to finish.

    We don't just show up and facilitate. Once you have selected the team building that fits your needs, we can help you find an appropriate venue and handle all logistics.

    Team building varies with the season. It can be designed with themes to reflect the changing seasons and incorporate a variety of seasonal activities.

    Featured Toronto Team Building

  • Survivor Team Building

    2 - 3 1/2 Days

    Group Size: 6 - 100

    Survivor inspired team building gives teams the opportunity to explore Toronto's colourful seasons while picking up real tools and strategies to boost team and business effectiveness. Team's compete in GPS, orienteering, firestarter, and other outdoor challenges.

    Wilderness Survival Team Building

    Avaiable between May and October, this simulation can incorporate a varity of activities such as horse riding, canoeing, and hiking.

    Winter Team Building

    During the winter, showshoeing, dog sledding, and hockey can be integrated with the faciliated business exercises.

  • Virtual Reality Team Building, Toronto (VR)

    Only in Toronto, we are pleased to annouce that we can now add virtual reality experiences for teams into any of our facilitated business team building simulations.

    For groups of up to 20 participants, we can offer VR on-site or off-site just North of Toronto.

    Here are just 2 examples. As this technology evolves, we will add more experiences and locations.


    If you are interested in a custom designed VR simulation as part of team building, we would be happy to work with your team and an alliance partner who specializes in this technology. Budget must be high and ample lead time will be needed for development.

    Contact us for details.

  • Cooking Team Building, Toronto

    We offer a number of facilitated business team building simulations that include cooking challenges.


    We do NOT specialize in stand-alone programmes that are strictly recreational or social unless your group is:

    • large
    • located in or near the GTA


    In addition to what we pay the chefs, there will be an event planning fee for stand-alone recreational cooking.

  • Visexecutaries Team Building

    3 - 4+ Days

    Group Size: 6 - 20

    Visexecutaries: Seizing Opportunities in our Shifting Corporate Landscape is an Apprentice inspired business simulation designed for times of turbluence, change and uncertainty. Teams design and launch a product or service.

    Projects can involve creating pop-up events, guerilla marketing initiatives, charity events, flash sales, or shooting and launching a viral video.

    Teams meet in the boardroom to present their strategy and results. Best practices are highlighted but nobody gets fired.

  • Inc. Inc. Team Building

    1 - 2 Days

    Group Size: 6 - 120

    Cross-functional teamwork and collaboration is essential for organizations to succeed in an increasingly competitive environment. Yet, as companies grow and become more complex, there is a tendency for employees to become entrenched in silos.

    While running a simulated organization, Inc. Inc.: Breaking Down Silos: Breaking Down Silos, a scaleable and highly customizable simulation, gives team members the opportunity to experiences roles that are different from their day to day responsibilities.


    • Forge stronger alliances and build stronger links between geographically dispersed teams.
    • Reduce friction and "turf wars" between organizational levels and departments.
    • Clarify roles, responsibilities and expectations.


    After running simulated organizations for 1 1/2 - 3 hours, a professional facilitator will debrief the experience with your team.

    Participants will walk away with:

    • a greater appreaciation of the challenges of other departments
    • a clear understandnig of the role of team leaders
    • a clear understanding of he challenges of team members (for team leaders
    • new tools and strategies to improve cross-functional teamwork and collaboration


  • Polo Team Building, Toronto

    1 1/2 - 2 Days

    Group Size: 6 - 20

    With the thunder of horses racing across the field and fast changes in the "line of the ball" polo is the perfect methaphor for today's turbulent business climate, filled with uncertainty. The teams will use the tactics and strategies they pick up through Polo Team Building to improve their effectiveness in a fast-paced environment at work.

    Equine Assisted Team Building

    1 Full Day (8:15 - 5:30)

    Group Size: 12 - 60 ($325 P.P.)

    Location: York Region (North of Toronto)

    Available: May - October

    If you need your team to slow down, listen, and tune in to the needs of fellow team members and clients, this simulation with horses will fit the bill. The group will do ground work with horses. No riding is involved.

  • Viral Video DIY, Team Building, Toronto

    In one of our our newest team building simulations in Toronto, companies take over a studio and create, shoot, and launch their own viral videos. If they are successful, the team building will pay for itself. Teams will pick up brainstorming techniques and apply them to come up with solutions to their own business challenges.



    DIY CD Team Building, Toronto

    During this team building simulation, your team will take over a recording studio. We'll guide your teams as they create songs, and record a new CD. Put the musicians on your team to work. The brainstorming techniques you use will then be applied to generate solutions to your own business challenges.

    Contact us for details.



    Great Canadian Race

    Inspired by the Amazing Race, this team building programme moves beyond just another day of fun away from the office. We've amped things up with mystery shopping challenges, benchmarking interviews with luxury brands, and more. We'll soon be updating our webpage but in the meantime, contact us for details.






Featured Toronto Team Building

  • Arctic Survival: Winter Team Building, Toronto

    Length: 2 1/2 - 3 Days

    Group Size: 6 - 100

    Available: December - March


    • Charting your course during times of turbulence & uncertainty.
    • Managing change
    • Cross-functional Teamwork
    • Marketing Strategy Refinement


    The Wilderness Survival Team Building, Toronto version of this simulation is available in the spring, summer, and fall.

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  • Arctic Survival: Winter Team Building Toronto

    Location: Toronto, GTA, Ontario(Muskokas & Haliburton for dogsledding)

    This winter team building simulation integrates facilitated business team building exercises with outdoor team challenges.

    This Toronto team building simulation familiarizes teams with brainstorming, problem-solving, and decision-making tools. We draw rich parallels between a winter excursion and charting your course in the business world. Your team will use this toolkit to analyze and resolve the specific business challenges confronting your organization.

    Luxury Upgrades

  • Video

    Initially, teams use the brainstorming, problem-solving, and decision-making toolkit to design a strategy to market a winter related product or service. Team members spend times outdoors getting to know each other through orienteering and GPS challenges, a snowshoe relay, a firestarter challenge, outdoor cooking, and, if budget permits, dog sledding. A culinary challenge can be arranged before dinner one evening.







Viral video is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to companies wanting to create a buzz and make an impact. If carefully designed, it can give your company more exposure than any other marketing tool other than expensive TV commercial spots. Viral videos don't happen by accident. They take teamwork, creativity, careful planning and flawless execution.

Think viral video is just for big brands? Think again. Turtle Creek Lane Launched its business with this video that, in 3 weeks, generated

  • 1.4M views on Facebook
  • 11,201 Facebook Shares
  • 10,663 Facebook page likes

Viral Video DIY is our newest team building simulation in Toronto. During this powerful simulation, your team will take over a studio in downtown Toronto and pick up some new brainstorming, decision-making, and planning tools while they create and launch a viral video. Teams will develop the script, cast the video, and crew the shoot. Not only will they have fun, they will walk away with tools and insights to boost team effectiveness when you return to work.

Our Team: Anne Thornley-Brown, MBA, the founder of Executive Oasis International, is also a professional actress who has worked on TV series, in films, and in commercials. She has teamed up with the acting studio where she trains to deliver this high impact business simulation.

The first part of this simulation can be delivered on-site or at the studio.

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We offer clients who book our team building and facilitation services, the convenience of one stop shopping to find suitable venues, handle logistics, and plan the events you wish to include on your agenda.