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Team Building - Breaking Down Silos

Cross-Functional Team Building: The Toy Box

1 - 2 Day Team Building Simulations with Toys

  • Breaking Down SilosNeed to break down silos and improve cross-functional teamwork?
  • Want to give members of your team an understanding of the challenges of other departments?
  • Binging 2 teams together after a merger?
  • Need to improve your team's ability to produce results in short timeframes?

  • The Toybox: Cross-Functional Team Building uses toys to make it possible to offer shorter team building simulation with high impact. We will divide your group into at least 2 companies that they will run for 2 - 4 hours (excluding lunch). Then, we will debrief the simulation and glean key learnings about working in a cross-functional environment, the importance of operating as a cohesive unit, and overcoming the silo mentality.

    To create a truly unique experience, we merge elements of 2 of our most popular team building programmes:

  • Inc. Inc.: Breaking Down Silos
  • Visexecutaries: Apprentice Team Building
  • Executive Oasis International is a Toronto team building and consulting firm specializing in facilitated business team building and executive retreats. We have delivered team building to companies from 16 countries.


    We deliver MUCH more value than just a day of fun away from the office.


    How We're Unique

    Many companies marketing team building actually just deliver recreational events.

    The Toy Box is a facilitated simulation, "real" team building producing TANGIBLE BUSINESS RESULTS without sacrificing the fun factor.



    Programme Options

    • Length: 5 Hours - 2 Days

    • Group Size: 6 - 60+

    • Pricing: Varies with group size, & location

    • Locations: Available Globally


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    Who We've Helped

    We offer team building, consulting, an event planning to businesses companies of all sizes. We have designed and facilitated team building and management development programmes in 13 countries. Some of the companies that have participated in Inc. Inc.: Breaking Down Silos have included Bell Mobility, CIBC, Dubai World/Nakheel's IT Center, Goldwell, Ontario Service Centres, and Toronto Children's Chorus.

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    Cross-Functional Team Building: The Toy Box

    Cross-Functional Team BuildingThe goal of Toy Box Cross-Functional Team Building is to give your team an opportunity to:

  • break down silos and enhance cross-functional teamwork
  • work with members of other teams
  • develop more comfort in generating results in a tight timeframe

  • After a briefing that will relate the simulation to the day-to-day realities of your team, instructions and time to prepare for the simulation, your group will work in 2 or more toy factories with the responsiblity of manufacturing toys and developing a strategy for marketing them.


    Through The Toy Box Cross-Functional Team Building, your team will gain the experience they need to:

  • Forge stronger alliances and build stronger links between geographically dispersed teams.
  • Reduce friction and "turf wars" between organizational levels and departments.
  • Brainstorm and develop ideas.
  • Give back to the community (toys are donated to charity
  • Produce results in a tight timeframe.

  • Observers to provide feedback about team dynamics during debriefing are highly reccommended.

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    The Toy Box: Cross-Functional Team Building Phases


  • Learning Surveys Distributed
  • Teams Formed & Team Leaders Selected

  • Day 1

  • Executive Briefing (30 Minutes)
        (Omitted in 5 Hour Version)
  • Team Briefing (1 hour)
  • Instructions & Preparation (30 min.)
  • Marketing Strategy Development(45 minutes)
  • TV Commercial Development with Storyboards(45 minutes)
  • Toy Manufacturing (1 - 3 hours)
  • Debriefing Prep.: Presentation Development with Storyboards
        (45 minutes)
  • Boardroom Debriefing

  • Day 2

  • Re-configure Teams
  • Business Application Exercises
  • Optional Business Meeting

  • Orientation and Team Briefing

    After a presentation by your CEO or VP to set the organizational context of the simulation, we will provide an orientation focusing on some of the challenges the team is facing and how the simulations relates to them. Then, we will provide instructions and give your tea time to review them and prepare for the simulation.

    Simulation Phases

    The teams will complete their assigned tasks of manufacturing and developing a strategy to market toys. (The complexity of the toys will be based on your budget and the timeframe available for the simulation. To shorten the simulation, simpler toys will be selected.)


    We will debrief the simulation thoroughly and glean key learnings about working in a cross functional team and effective strategies for producing results in tight timeframes.

    Liked our Visexecutaries simulation, the debriefing will be in a boardroom format. Each factory will present the strategy they have developed to manufacture and market the toys. A a winning team wll be selected based on the volume of toys manufactured and effective teamwork and communication.

    In the 1 1/2 day version, after the debriefing, there will either be a:

  • business application exercises
  • facilitated business meeting or
  • roles and responsibilities exercise to improve cross-functional teamwork.

  • Business Application Exercises

    In the 2 day version, we will then re-configure the teams and assign a specific business issue or challenge that your organization is facing to each team.

    Each team will analyze the business issue using the simulation toolkit and prepare a mini-presentation to present their findings. Next steps will developed and a follow-up plan will be formulated for the teams to continue to meet when they return to the office.



    Programme Options

    Modest Budget

    Toy Factory

    Assembling toy kitchens, workbenches, scooter, model airplanes, remote control cars

    Shoebox Factory

    In October and November, we can give each team a budget that they will have to use to put together Christmas shoeboxes for children from underprivileged and war torn areas. These will be donated to Samaritan's Purse for distribution during the Christmas season.

    Shoe Factory

    With the kits we provide, teams will assemble slippers or moccasins that will be donated to a children's hospital or the children's ward of a local hospital.

    Gingerbread House Factory

    Add a special touch to any festive event by assembling, decorating and auctioning off gingerbread houses to raise money for charity.

    Puzzle Factory

    Toy Simulation, Team Building, Toronto, Dubai, Malaysia, Oman

    We have used a variety of puzzles to help teams discover the importance of cross-functional teamwork and communication. This is a simpler simulation that does not require the creation of an organizational structure. We have used jigsaw, cube and 3D puzzles.

    If the puzzle is large or complex, we will need to have a team of puzzle experts prep. it for 1 - 2 days to ensure that it is easy for groups to manipulate. With a complex puzzle, this activity does require members to concentrate and focus on this activity for a few hours. Please ensure that there is a high level of interest before selecting a puzzle that has some complexity.

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    Sample Simulations

    Moderate Budget

    Construction Inc. Team Building

    Cross-Functional Team BuildingThis simulation uses Lego, 3D building puzzles and even sand to simulate competing construction companies or divisions of one construction conglomerate.

    This is a customized version of Inc. Inc.: Breaking Down Silos that uses Lego. We have offered in Dubai, Egypt and Canada.

  • Option 1: Simulation to Sharpen Project Management, Sales
        and Marketing Skills
  • Option 2: Simulation of Merger or Corporate Culture Shift

  • Focus: Breaking Down Silos, Marketing Strategies, Cross Functional Team Building

    Length: 1 1/2 to 2 Days

  • Ideal for breaking down silos
  • Improves the effectiveness of international or geographically
        dispersed teams
  • Cross-functional executive team building that enhances
        inter-departmental teamwork

  • This simulation will introduce your group to a suite of brainstorming and planning tools including mind maps, storyboards, and force field analysis. You will begin by brainstorming and coming up with a concept for a real estate development in a natural setting such as a beach or desert.

    Then, you will sketch out and actually build your development using Lego. Finally, each team will develop a TV commercial to market their real estate development.

    In longer versions of this simulation, we can actually simulate a real estate company and use observers to provide feedback about team dynamics. Force field analysis for feasibility assessment will only be possible in the 2 day version of the programme. (We did this for the IT Centre at Nakheel/Dubai World in United Arab Emirates.)

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    High Budget

    Dollhouse Factory

    Teams will assemble dollhouses and build dollhouse furniture which will then be donated to children's charities. We require a minimum of 1 1/2 days to offer this simulation as we have to allow sufficient time for the glue and paint to dry.

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    Bicycle Factory

    This is not a low budget option.

    Teams will assemble bicycles which will then be donated to children's charities. They will design a marketing strategy for the bikes to learn how to use such tools as mind maps, storyboards, and force field analysis. We can add a bike rally with team challenges to this simulation.

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    Sample Pricing

    Canada & USA:

  • 1/2 Day: From $165 per person (Based on 25 Participants)
  • 1 Day: From $200 per person (Based on 25 Participants)
  • 2 Days: From $250 per person (Based on 25 Participants)

  • Small Group Rates

    Other locations, please contact us for customized rates,

    Materials and supplies extra and cost will vary with version selected.

    Prizes will be provided based on the budget you allocate for them.

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