Executive Oasis International - Dubai Team Building & Executive Retreats: Desert Survival

Dubai Team Building & Executive Retreats: Desert Survival

Facilitated Team Building & Executive Retreats
in the UAE (Dubai & Abu Dhabi)




  • We are a Toronto (Canada) based management consulting firm.
  • Our Dubai team building ranges from 1 1/2 - 4+ days.
  • We do NOT specialize in activities that are strictly recreational.


Important: Team Building vs Team Recreation: Here is the difference


Desert Survival: In Search of the Golden Camel

2 - 3 1/2 Day Team Building Simulation

  • Introduce your team to a suite of simple but powerful tools for planning, decision making, and brainstorming in a fast-paced environment.
  • Improve your team's ability to deal with uncertainty and tolerate ambiguity.
  • Equip your team for the challenges of a rapidly changing environment.
  • Enhance cohesion between geographically dispersed teams.
  • Fine-tune your marketing skills


Desert Survival, a 2 - 3 1/2 day facilitated business team building simulation in Dubai (or Abu Dhabi), is ideal for executive retreats and team building.

Desert Team Building

This stranded in the desert simulation will familiarize your team with a toolkit that they will then use to analyze your own business issues and challenges.

Your team will spend a full day in the desert and have the option of camping out overnight. Your team will participate in a variety of facilitated business exercises and outdoor team challenges to hone your sales, marketing and teamwork skills.


Luxury Upgrades for Desert Team Building in Dubai



  • We do NOT have an office in the UAE. ALL inquiries are handled from Toronto.
  • Our Dubai and Oman team building ranges from 1 1/2 - 4+ days.
  • We do NOT specialize in activities that are strictly recreational.


Please note: We are Toronto based team building specialists and business consultants who specialize in facilitated business team building and executive retreats. Our senior facilitator will travel to Dubai from Canada to facilitate your sessions.

Our local alliance partners in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Oman deliver the recreational activities, food and beverage requirements according to our exact specifications.


Desert Survival Team Building, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, & Oman

The Storyline

Desert Survival: In Search of the Golden Camel


It was supposed to be the adventure of a lifetime for you and your team....a wild ride up and down the sand dunes followed by a relaxing camel trek and camping out overnight under the stars in the desert....but, you couldn't resist going for it.

A mad, roller coaster race on the sand dunes, laughter, a sense of exhilaration....and you're lost. You've lost your money, your identification, your passports and your airline tickets. You have enough food to last 3 days. You're stranded in the desert, struggling to get back to civilization.

You're not too worried. Your guides told you that, they'd send a search party to find you.

Your Mission

Your Mission: To get home, you have to raise the money for your airfare and to replace the supplies you've lost. The only way to survive is to take stock of your situation, make your plans and take action.

You'll forage for food, identify a product that you can manufacture in the desert to raise money, and design a marketing strategy that you can implement upon rescue. You'll compete for valuable prizes to help you implement your plan.

  • Follow the clues and use GPS equipment to find the golden camel.
  • Exchange it with Bedouin camel handlers for a ride back to their desert camp.
  • Thank your hosts by watering their camels.
  • Pitch your tents.
  • Relax under the stars.
  • Start a fire.
  • Cook breakfast.

After breakfast, you pull out the Desert Survival package that your Bedouin guides gave you and you begin to design your strategy using idea chains, storyboards, flow charts, and force fields.

After you're rescued, you are whisked to a beach oasis where you will have an opportunity to debrief your experience and apply lessons learned to your business.

Team Challenges

  • GPS challenge
  • Orienteering
  • Fun with dune buggies (optional)
  • Bedouin Tent pitching Challenge
  • Camel Safari (recommended)
  • Camel watering relay.
  • Firestarter Challenge
  • Outdoor cooking Challenge

Facilitation & Logistics

Facilitation: Your facilitator will take you through a 1/2 day pre-briefing to ensure that the links between your desert survival experience and the daily challenges your team faces are clear. Your facilitator will debrief the experience with your team to help you mine your experience for insights that team members can take back to work and use immediately.

Logistics: The initial 1/2 day briefing can be conducted at a hotel or at your office. All teams will relax during a sunset picnic on the dunes. You have the option of camping out in the desert or returning to your resort after a sultan's feast under the stars.