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About Our Services - Executive Oasis International

Our Suite of Services to Foster Innovation &
Improve Team Effectiveness


For over 20 years, we have helped organizations in 18 countries
boost team and organization performance through our innovative strategies.


  • We are a Toronto (Canada) based management consulting firm.
  • ALL inquiries are handled from Toronto.
  • We do NOT specialize in activities that are strictly recreational.


Important: Team Building vs Team Recreation: Here is the difference


Executive Oasis International, a Toronto based consulting firm, offers innovative strategies to help organizations succeed even during turbulent times.

We specialize in management consulting, meeting facilitation, executive coaching, executive retreats, facilitated team building, and HIGHLY effective business simulations.

Since 1996, Executive Oasis International, has helped rapidly changing organizations from 18 countries:

  • thrive in a fast paced environment
  • design & execute innovative strategies to stay ahead of the curve
  • seize opportunities in a growing economy
  • uncover new markets to replace niches where demand is declining
  • Fire up a team that's tired & stressed
  • reward top performers
  • express appreciation to top tier clients

We deliver MUCH more value than just a day of fun away from the office.



We have worked with Anne the last three years for our President's Club and she was top notch for quality. The three events were great success and many thanks to Anne for her expert services to make them great! I would highly recommend Anne for group functions to let your group enjoy and relax knowing you are being taken care of.

Michael Turajlich, Scalar Decisions Inc., Toronto

The retreat went well. Anne provided useful techniques and was enthusiastic and informative. The Leadership Team enjoyed themselves and learned so much about the value by each participant from our Leadership Team.

Bob Boaldin, Founder/CEO, EPICPCS, Elkhart, Kansas

Anne is an excellent mentor who taught me years ago how the training profession operated. With her as my coach, I progressed from being a telephone customer service rep to being a full time trainer in less than a year. A few years after that, I was promoted to Manager of Call Centre Training at one of the largest telecom companies in Canada.

Mike Aoki, President, Reflective Keynotes

This was terrific team building, surpassed my expectations and provided an entirely new experience.

Ian Lum You, Vice-President, Sales, Dial Corporation

Anne organized a cooking event, meeting, and dinner.... She totally nailed the venue choices, presented interesting options, and was instrumental in helping making the event a success. Anne brings unique event ideas and a professional approach to event planning.

Maurice Benatar, Vice President Business Development and Marketing, Mayhew




Management Consulting & OD Consulting

Generate innovative solutions to your company's core business issues and challenges.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between current performance and your business goals and objectives.

The value that we bring is strategies and tools to help you and your team see your business from a fresh perspective and generate innovative solutions. We use simple tools to cut through complexity and give team members a common frame of reference.

We have helped companies with a variety of organizational effectiveness initiatives. Some of our projects have included identification and measurement of core competencies, talent recruitment and retention, competency based interviewing, 360 degree feedback.



Meeting Facilitation

Executive Oasis International custom designs and facilitates stimulating and powerful meetings and sessions based on your organization's specific business challenges, issues and objectives. We add value whether you require facilitation for:

  • marketing strategy sessions
  • a series of executive meetings
  • focus groups with customers or employees
  • project team meetings for key corporate initiatives
  • targeted brainstorming or problem-solving sessions



Executive Coaching

Our approach is to develop a partnership with you to:

  • Pinpoint the results you want to achieve and setting specific goals.
  • Set specific criteria and measures for success.
  • Develop a detailed plan of action to translate your objectives into reality.
  • Measure results.

Executive Oasis International offers a focused and proven process for:

  • team coaching
  • personalized coaching for executives, managers, and individual team members

Our President and Founder, Anne Thornley-Brown, has both an MBA and an MSW. She is a former professional counsellor, family therapist and marriage consellor who can address career-life business, emotional spillover bewteen work and home, and emotional intelligence (EQ).



Executive Retreats

We design and plan executive retreats from start to finish and execute them flawlessly. Our services bundle:

  • facilitated business team building simulations
  • keynote speeches
  • venue selection
  • meeting room arrangements
  • award ceremonies and galas
  • recreational activities
  • lavish themed dinners
  • special events


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Team Building Retreats

Innovative corporate cultures don't develop automatically. They are a matter of design. In fact, many organizations lose their spark of innovation as they grow.

We design and facilitate team building retreats to help executives:

  • give team members the tools and strategies they need to thrive in a fast-paced environment
  • maintain open dialogue with employees throughout their organizations
  • brainstorm and tap into innovative ideas and approaches
  • communicate the corporate vision and core values clearly
  • get buy-in and support for key corporate initiatives


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Team Building

Inspire your team with interactive team building simulations that deliver bottom line value.

Build a strong team to spearhead your key corporate initiatives. Rather than just offering "downtime" and play days for corporate teams, we consult with you in advance to:

  • uncover your SPECIFIC business objectives, goals, issues and challenges
  • pinpoint the measurable results and improvements that you want to generate
  • customize one of our existing sessions (or design a brand new session) to address your key challenges
  • brief your team to ensure that they clearly perceive the links between team building and your business issues and objectives

Our engaging 1-3 day team building simulations bundle facilitation with team team challenges that are unique to each location. Some can be delivered on-site and outdoors.

We've incorporated innovative approaches into team building such as engaging teams in designing and planning guerilla marketing initiatives and pop-up events. Teams have also been involved in mystery shopping, benchmarking interviews, factory tours, and field trips to luxury brands.

While many team building companies provide 15 minutes of debriefing, our sessions are FULLY debriefed and mined for take-aways for YOUR business.

Then, through a series of business application exercises, your group will use the tools and strategies acquired to resolve your business issues and challenges. In fact, we devote 1/3 to 1/2 of team building sessions and retreats to debriefing and business applications.

After the session, we offer follow up briefings to help you keep your plan on track and measure the impact of our work together.

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Luxury Corporate Event Planning & Upgrades

Dazzle your clients and reward your team with upscale events they'll rave about for years.

As a board member, our President, Anne Thornley-Brown, has years of experience planning meetings and events for professional associations (CSTD, Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS), MBA Women's Association). As part of our team building retreats, we have been designing and organizing galas and entertainment at the request of our corporate clients for years.

We design, create, plan, and execute guerilla marketing events, pop-up events, special events, galas, upscale dinners, awards events, events to recognize top performers, client appreciation events, Christmas parties, launches, roasts, equestrian events, and polo events.

We have planned corporate events in a number of locations including Canada, Dubai, Oman, Malaysia, Jamaica, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic.

  • Please note we are located in Toronto, Canada.
  • We are NOT a travel agency.
  • To ensure quality and smooth logistics, we accompany clients on ALL foreign retreats and events.
  • For foreign corporate events and executive retreats, please ensure that you have allocated enough in your budget for to cover our return travel from Toronto, transfers, hotel, and meals.


What we do NOT Offer: We do NOT offer short, low budget recreational events.




Executive Oasis International launched its 2 official blogs in 2008:


As a result, editors have invited our President and Founder to write for a number of blogs and on-line portals.

Anne Thornley-Brown blogs regularly for The Huffington Post, EventMobi, Plan Your Meetings by MPI, and Event Manager Blog.

Anne blogged for Cvent 5 days a week for 4 1/2 years. Anne has blogged for a number of portals including Meetings.net and Elite Meetings.



Virtual Community Management

Executive Oasis International has an active and strong social media presence.

LinkedIn: Network of over 4,000

  • Group Owner, International Team Building Network for Executives, members from 30+ countries
  • Group Manager, Event Planning & Management Group,
    Grew from 4,000 members in 2008 to 350,000+ members in 2017
  • Group Owner, B2B Bloggers Network - New



  • Group Owner, B2B Bloggers Network - New