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  • We are a Toronto (Canada) based management consulting firm.
  • We doNOT have an office in the UAE. ALL inquiries are handled from Toronto.
  • This business team building simulation is 3 - 4+ days.
  • We do NOT specialize in activities that are strictly recreational.


Important: Team Building vs Team Recreation: Here is the difference


Global Business Challenges

Our global economy has experienced an unprecedented rate of change and turbulence, presenting organizations with new challenges and opportunities. Some sectors are in decline while others are emerging. Recent changes in the geo-political landscape of the USA and Europe have ushered in a period of economic uncertainty.

Visexecutaries Apprentice Team Building

To survive, thrive and grow in our turbulent economy, even well established corporations have had to re-think old approaches and invent new ways of doing business. This involves:

  • re-assessing your vision
  • improving products and services
  • re-shaping your marketing strategy
  • modifying supplier and distribution networks
  • transforming team leader/team member interactions
  • ....and even forging alliances with the competition


Visexecutaries are visionary executives who move beyond traditional paradigms
to take advantage of the boundless opportunities in the marketplace.


Visexecutaries: Seizing Opportunities in our Shifting Corporate Landscape

3 - 4+ Day Team Building Simulation

Visexecutaries Apprentice Team Building

  • Introduce your team to a suite of simple but powerful tools for brainstorming, decision making, planning, and project execution in a fast-paced environment.
  • Pick up new tools to spot, monitor, and react proactively to trends before they derail your buisness.
  • Improve your team's ability to deal with uncertainty and tolerate ambiguity.
  • Equip your team for the challenges of a rapidly changing environment.
  • Break down silos and boost cross-functional teamwork.
  • Fine-tune your team's marketing and sales skills.
  • Boost your team's social media marketing savvy.


Visexecutaries, a 3 - 4+ day facilitated business team building simulation is ideal for executive retreats, sales rallies, and team building.

This Apprentice inspired simulation will familiarize your team with a toolkit that they will then use to plan and execute a real project. After you meet in the boardroom to present your strategy and results, there wil be a full debriefing. You will apply what you have learned to analyze your own business issues and challenges and generate solutions.

Your team executive a real project. Options include customized projects for your business, guerilla marketing events, pop-up events, charity projects, initiatives to give back to the community, and creating a viral video.


Visexecutaries is available globally.


Please note: We are Toronto based team building specialists and business consultants who specialize in facilitated business team building and executive retreats. Our senior facilitator will travel to your location from Canada to facilitate your sessions.


Anne Thornley-Brown, President of Toronto based Exercutive Oasis International, facilitated the retreat. Anne took us through a series of exercises. The biggest was a simulation loosely based on the TV show "The Apprentice". The retreat went well. Anne provided useful techniques and was enthusiastic and informative. The Leadership Team enjoyed themselves and learned so much about the value by each participant from our Leadership Team.

Bob Boaldin, Founder/CEO, EPICPCS Elkhart, Kansas

Live examples regarding paradigm shifts, corporate failures and successes, the use of interactive techniques rather than lectures, and the flexible agenda contributed to the success of Visexecutaries.

Ahmed Ramzy, Sales Manager, GSK (Saudi Arabia)

The real eye opener was that all participants were required to apply in a real life situation; within a specific time frame; all relevant business principles. The performance parameters and results were measured and shared with the entire group. The experience of actually applying what is preached is exciting and invaluable. The most valuable aspects of this session were the various tools that can be applied to assess relevant factors before a plan is put into action.

Ooi Joo Hong, Deputy General Manager, Perodua Sales Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)

Anne is a highly energetic facilitator who is able to foster professionalism among trainees with insistence on achieving extraordinary results in a short time."

Marwan Abouelela, Commercial Manager, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Saudi Arabia

At first I was reluctant to take the programme since I thought it was not related to my daily responsibilities/job. However, Visexecutaries was excellent and offered much more than marketing skills. I will suggest to my management to make this programme compulsory for all operations, marketing and business development staff.

Norleen Ali Rasah, Executive - Service Provider Management, Operations Department, Rangkaian Segar Standard Bhd (Malaysia)






Visexecutaries: Seizing Opportunities in our Shifting Corporate Landscape

The Context

Visexecutaries is not designed specifically for marketing professionals. Yes, participants will gain a greater understanding of what it takes to be competitive in your industry and the global marketplace.

Participants will walk away with powerful strategies and to help your organization become more responsive to shifts in market trends and demand patterns.

Visexecutaries offers companies that are facing challenges with the change in mindset and strategies to identify new opportunities and jump-start organizational performance. However, in an uncertain economic climate, even companies that are doing well need to "connect the dot" and engage in course correction

Participants will significantly improve their ability to achieve results and execute projects within a short time-frame.

By designing and executive revenue-generating projects like guerilla marketing initiatives or pop-up events, Visexecutaries can even pay for itself.


Your Challenge


This competitive team building simulation is inspired by the TV show The Apprentice....but nobody gets fired.

This highly interactive team building simulation gives companies the tools to scan the horizon, spot emerging trends, respond proactively, and stay on top of their game.

Your Challenge: A Project manager will be appointed for each team. Each team will be given a budget and will have an opportunity to formulate a project plan, design a complete marketing and sales strategy, and execute their project.

Teams will meet in the boardroom to present their strategy, results, and lessons learned. Nobody will be fired but there will be a winner.


Video Clip

Visexecutaries: The Challenge


Facilitation: Your facilitator will take you through a 1/2 day pre-briefing to ensure that the links between Visexecutaries and the challenges your team and organization face are clear. Participants will be guided through a number of exercises to help them keep abreast of market trends and learn about the strategies that innovative firms around the world are using.

Some exercises will give participants practice in using the toolkit for Visexcutaries project through a mini-simulation.

After teams have planned and executed their projects, your facilitator will debrief the experience with participants to help you uncover stategies that will help you boost performance at work.

Prep. & Logistics

Logistics: The initial 1/2 day briefing will be conducted in a room at your hotel or office. Teams will proceed to private mission control rooms after the project has been assigned. On the last day, a boardroom set up will be needed for a few hours. Groups will return to the main room for the business application exercises.

Prep: Ad space needs to be reserved on local media to promote the pop-up or charity event. Internet access will be needed for the social media marketing components. Each team will need a private lounge or breakout room to plan their projects and begin its marketing efforts. A colour printer will be needed to produce colatteral material. (It can be a shared printer for all teams or 1 printer per team.)



Visexecutaries: Seizing Opportunities in Our Shifting Corporate Landscape was FIRST created in response to the Asian economic downturn of 2003 and the economic decline that resulted from SARS. The programme was first delivered in Malaysia. Visexecutaries was a ground-breaking programme and "ahead of the curve". As other parts of the world faced waves of economic turbulence, the themes reflected in this programme gradually made into the headlines around the globe.