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Luxury Corporate Events

Luxury Corporate Events for Employee Incentives, Marketing & Client Appreciation

  • Luxury Corporate EventsWant to create unforgettable, luxury events to reward top performers?
  • In search of unique and memorable incentives to inspire your sales team?
  • Need to design innovative marketing events to stand out from the competition?
  • Want to dazzle top tier clients and express appreciation for their loyalty?

  • Executive Oasis International creates blockbuster corporate events that attendees will rave about for years. Toronto based Executive Oasis International offers luxury corporate events at absolutely stunning venues around the world. Each corporate event is fully customized and tailored to meet your desired needs and fit your corporate culture. We have worked with companies of all sizes from 16 countries on 4 continents.

    We'll ensure that you impress your executives, sales team, and clients by planning corporate events in absolutely exquisite settings.

    We deliver MUCH than just a day of fun away from the office.


    How We're Unique

    You no longer do have to hunt for a corporate event planner, team building facilitator and keynote speaker. We offer one stop shopping and deliver awe-inspiring events to "blow your guests away".






    Who We've Helped

    We have created truly inspiring corporate events for organizations around the world including Holt Renfrew, ExxonMobil Canada, Baxter Dubai, Thomson Reuters Dubai, McKinsey Dubai, Mayhew and Associates, Perry Currier, TELUS, Novo Nordisk Canada, EMD Serono, Grant Thornton, Xerox Canada, Mister Safety Shoes, and Dial Corporation.

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    Luxury Corporate Events

    Here are just a few options for corporate events when only the best will do.

    In the Footsteps of James Bond

    Available: All Year

    Length: 3 - 5 Days

    Places Available: Jamaica and any other location where James Bond movies were filmed.

    Pricing: High Budget.

    This is a description of the programme in Jamaica. The offerings will be customized for each location.

    Ian Fleming penned his James Bond adventure novels at his winter retreat on Jamaica's North coast. The chapters are filled with the sights, sounds and place names of Jamaica. A number of James Bond movies have been filmed on location in Jamaica. This adventure will take you to the places in Jamaica where some of the most memorable scenes from the James Bond movies were filmed.

    Upon arrival in Jamaica, follow a series of clues and take the same route that James Bond took in the opening scenes of Dr. No.

  • See the location where James Bond walked on the backs of the crocodiles.
  • Visit Kanaga's Lair
  • Visit the haunts of the rich and famous frequented by Ian Fleming
  • ....and much much more

  • Please note: Royalties will have to be paid to United Artist to offer James Bond themed events.

    Book WELL in advance to allow enough time for logistics.

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    Dinner in the Sky

    Dinner in the SkyAvailable: All Year

    Length: 1 - 2 Days

    Places Available: Available in 15 countries.

    Pricing: Very High Budget.

  • Do you want to transform an ordinary meal into a magical evening?
  • Do you want to leave a lasting impression on even your most discriminating guests?
  • Do you need to generate a buzz for a new product or servce?
  • Do you want to guarantee media coverage of marketing events or product launches?

  • Dinner in the Sky is a unique event for any company that wants to offer guests a once in a lifetime experience!

    Dinner in the Sky, a catered gourmet dining experience, is a hosted dining table for 22 people suspended at a height of 50 metres. The table will accommodate up to 22 people and 3 staff (a chef, waiter and entertainer or photographer). How it works is that you rent the crane and the table for the day. Make you selections from a menu of gourmet offerings. Presto! You can have as many seatings of 22 diners as you wish throughout the day.

    This is a high end event representing the ultimate in luxury.

    Dinner in the Sky Photos, © Copyright, JJ De Neyer/Triptyque

    Book WELL in advance to allow enough time for logistics.

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    Amazing Race Team Building

    Amazing Race Team BuildingAmazing Race inspired events are available as a stand alone events for team recreation or to kick off your executive retreats, sales rallies, executive team building sessions, and corporate events.

    Each and every race is customized to fit your budget and time parametres. While we have pulled races together on very short notice, there are a lot of logistics involved. For optimal results, we HIGHLY recommend at least 4 weeks for event planning and logistics in Ontario and Quebec and 6 - 8 weeks in other locations.

    We also recommend at least half a day if your Amazing Race team building is strictly recreational and at least a full day if you require debriefing and business applications after the race.

    Please Note: To use the name Amazing Race for your event, royalties must be paid to the producers of the TV show.

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    Gourmet Cooking Events

    Executive Oasis International is always looking for new ways to meet the needs of clients.

    A few years ago, by popular demand, Executive Oasis International teamed up with professional chefs to design and deliver powerful business team building simulations that include gourmet or outdoor cooking challenges. Combining our expert facilitation with their culinary expertise has been a winning combination delivering much more value than strictly recreational cooking.

    In direct response to requests from our clients, we have also been delivering recreational cooking events successfully:

  • during their executive retreats

  • as stand alone events for large groups in Toronto and Dubai

  • If you have 25 or more participants in Toronto and 50 or more participants in other areas, we would be pleased to design a highly engaging recreational cooking event for your team.

    Sample Pricing - Canada

  • Rates for Gourmet Cooking events start at $125 per person based on minimum of 25 participants (excluding venue and taxes).

  • In Toronto, for groups of 13 or less, we also offer a:

  • Toronto Meeting and Cooking Team Building Special

  • at a specific venue in downtown Toronto.

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    Outdoor Events

    Polo & Equestrian Events

    Survivor Team BuildingAvailable: Varies with location & Programme

    Length: 1/2 Day to 2 Days

    Places Available: Toronto, Montreal, USA, Jamaica, Dubai, the Dominican Republic, Barbados, Singapore, Malaysia, and wherever polo is played.

    Activities Available: Polo events, hands on polo clinics, polo team building, camel polo. Options vary with the location.

    Pricing: High Budget.

    There is something about the non-stop action of polo that gets your heart racing. The thunder of hooves, the fiercely competitive environment, the shouts of the players in constant communication with their team mates, the moment by moment change in the "line of the ball", and the cheers of the crowd when you score a goal.

    Whether you want your team to relax and enjoy a polo event from the sidelines or get in on the action, contact us and we'll organize an action packed event near you.

    Book WELL in advance as polo is seasonal in some destinations.

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    Luxury Car Events

    Luxury Car EventsAvailable: All Year

    Length: 1/2 Day - 1 Day

    Places Available: Toronto, Montreal, Germany, Abu Dhabi, USA.

    Pricing: High Budget.

    Whether you want your guests to experience the show stopping excitement of an F1 event, the thrill of driving a luxury car like a BMW or a first hand view of what it takes to create a Ferrari at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, we'll create an experience your team and clients will delight your guests.

    With companies around the world putting incentive travel and foreign retreats on hold, luxury car events are a much more affordable incentive.

    Whether you want to express appreciation to top tier clients or reward top performers, a day behind a luxury car is a guaranteed crowd pleaser at a fraction of the cost of foreign travel. Luxury car events are accessible in many cities and countries without getting on a plane (e.g Toronto, Montreal, USA, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Malaysia, Bahrain). Contact us for details about what is available in your area.

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    Exotic Car Test Drive Events

    Length: 1 Day

    Places Available: Miami, Austin, New York, Monticello, Palm Springs, San Francisco, Napa Valley, Sonoma, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Europe.

    Pricing: Very High Budget.

    When only the ultimate experience will do for marketing or client appreciation events, give your top tier clients a chance to test drive high end, luxury automobiles:

  • Audi R8
  • Porsche Turbo
  • Mercedes SLS
  • Ferrari 458 Italia
  • Lamborghini LP570

  • Luxury Car EventsIn this half day format that can be offered as a stand-alone for corporate events or combined with professional facilitation for a full day or team building, 24 participants in groups 12 will experience the thrill of driving a fleet of exotic cars in a safe yet engaging drive format.

    A gourmet lunch lunch with Pirelli "Miles and Meals:": The Recipe Book will reveal the secrets of Pirelli F1® Motorhome gastronomy.

    Sample Pricing:

    Event Planning $5000


  • USA $31,888 - $51,837
  • Europe 23,606 - 30,826 Euros
  • United Arab Emirates

  • Variable elements such as travel, fuel, insurance, exchange rate and VAT that are charged as actual and can affect the program elements by approximately an additional 10%.

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    Motorcycle and MotoGP Events

    Motorcycle EventsAvailable: Available All Year

    Length: Flexible

    Places Available: Available globally.

    Activities Available: Off-road adventures, closed course challenges, MotoGP, and Super-Cross events.

    Pricing: Moderate to High Budget.

    Exploring a location from the back of a motorcycle is one of the most effective ways to get to know the local people and learn about the culture. We'll help you locate safe, reliable, insured, and licensed providers to provide guided adventures.

    Closed Course Motorcycling offers rides riders training followed by obstacle courses and other challenges. This experience can be provided for full or half day corporate events. Courses are located around the world for incluiding Ontario, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

    MotoGP Grand Prix events take place in 17 countries including the US, Germany, The Netherlands, Qatar, Malaysia, Japan and Australia. Corporate teams can book seating in VIP tents. At some tracks, arrangements can be (made well in advance) for driving experiences.

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