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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common problems that confront executives from rapidly changing organizations?

What services do you offer for rapidly changing organizations?

With what other rapidly changing organizations has the Executive Oasis International team worked?

How does Executive Oasis International help executive teams manage change?

Why an oasis?

Our team has seen it all and we are getting bored with standard fare. Is there anything really unique that you can suggest for our next session?

What are some pitfalls to avoid when planning an executive retreat or team building?

How do we go about requesting a quote or booking Executive Oasis International for an executive retreat or executive team building session?

What information does Executive Oasis International need in order to provide an accurate and timely quote for executive retreats or teambuilding?

What can we expect to pay for the services of Executive Oasis International?

What are some important things to know about booking one of your programmes?

Is Executive Oasis International a travel agency?

What is your policy regarding alcohol consumption?

What are your payment terms and conditions?

Do you offer any special programmes for small teams?

Do you offer special rates for small teams?

What are the payment terms for small groups?

Our organization is facing budget contraints. How can we offer an executive retreat or team building that is within the scope of our budget but still effective?

How do we request a quote?

Why is a retainer required before event venues, recreation service providers, resources for entertainment, and other special suppliers are contacted for quotes?

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How do link to the Executive Oasis International site?



What are some common problems that confront executives from rapidly changing organizations?

A common pitfall is to be too reactive and fail to develop a proactive strategy to manage change and growth. Organizations have a tendency to devolve into sluggish bureaucracies that stifle innovation when executive teams fail to develop strategies:

  • To shape the corporate culture
  • Promote and train the right management team
  • Ensure that the management team buys into and models the corporate values
  • Reward risk taking and innovation
  • Another pitfall is the failure to "connect the dots" and identify the implications of fluctuations in the economy and international events on corporate performance. Many companies operate from a "tunnel vision" vantage point and narrowly focus on their own industries. They feel to glean learnings from other industries and other countries. This results in a failure to spot emerging threads, a slow reaction time, and a delay in course correction.

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    What services do you offer for rapidly changing organizations?

    Our core service is consulting to help teams and organizations improve their effectiveness. We deliver this service in a variety of ways including executive coaching, meeting facilitation, executive retreats and team building sessions. We have a number of highly effective business simulations that can be used for team building retreats.

    Since our business simulations, which are often delivered at off-site locations in Canada and overseas, involve indoor and outdoor recreational components, companies have also been coming to us when they require upscale recreational events, corporate event planning and incentive travel.

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    Why an oasis?

    Often, when people think of a desert, they picture a flat and sandy terrain that stretches for miles. Deserts are actually rugged environments with towering sand dunes, desert storms, extreme hot and cold temperatures. Jeeps race up and down desert sand dunes in roller coaster fashion. If they don't, it's easy to get stuck and end up spinning your wheels. In the desert, one can travel for miles upon miles without seeing any sign of growth.

    This is a perfect description of the business environment since 2001. Wide fluctuations in corporate and stock market performance, the increasingly tough environment in which to grow business, and the sweeping effect of 9/11, H1N1, SARS, and other cataclysmic events have their parallel in the desert storms. The pace of change has accelerated. Organizations have to move at break neck speed to stay ahead of the competition.

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    With what other rapidly changing organizations has the Executive Oasis International team worked?

    Our clients have experienced mergers, re-structuring and high growth. They have included Nakheel/Dubai World, Holt Renfrew, Telus Mobility, Novo Nordisk Canada, CGU Group Canada, Ingram Micro, and IKEA. We have experience with high technology companies, banks, airlines, and oil and gas companies. We have worked with organizations in 10 countries including Canada, United Arab Emirates, the Sultanate of Oman, Jamaica, USA, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India, Dominica. We have also delivered services to clients from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Sudan.

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    What can we expect to pay?

    Important: Please also see our payment terms and conditions.

    That depends. It depends on group size, location and which team building programmes or corporate event planning services you require. We have team building ranging from moderate simulations to exclusive, high end luxury itineraries. This is whey we do need to have an idea of your objectives, budget, and group size in order to prepare your quote.

    Here are some rough guidelines of where our prices:

    For Canadian & USA Clients:

    Please Note: Rates are quoted in Canadian dollars for companies in Canada and US$ for all other countries.

    Our rates do not include taxes, gratuities, accommodation, venue, AV, meals, refreshments, airfare, or other transportation.

    Consulting Only:

  • Per Hour: $375
  • 1/2 Day: $1500
  • 1 Day: $3000
  • Long Term: $1200 - $1500 per day

  • Facilitation:

    For meeting or team building facilitation, this rate applies if a member of your team will be handling all venue arrangements, logistics, and printing of handouts.

    For up to 25 people:

  • 1/2 Day: $2000
  • 1 Day: $4500
  • 2 Days: $6000
  • 3 Days: $7500

  • Facilitation, Event Planning & Logistics:

  • 1/2 Day: From $130 per person (based on group size of 20)
  • 1 Day: From $225 per person (based on group size of 20)
  • 2 Days: From $275 per person (based on group size of 20)
  • 2 1/2 - 3 Days: From $350 per person (based on group size of 20)

  • Facilitation, Event Planning, Logistics, & Outdoor Recreational Team Challenges:

  • 1 Day: From $275 per person (based on group size of 20)
  • 2 Days: From $350 per person (based on group size of 20)
  • 2 1/2 - 3 Days: From $425 per person (based on group size of 20) *

  • * = includes outdoor team challenges on 2 days

    Extra charge to include specialized luxury activities like dog sledding, desert safaris, 4 x 4 jeep adventures, horse riding, polo, abseiling, or ziplines.

    Please contact us for a quote for other group sizes and programme lengths.

    Corporate Event Planning

  • From $3000 * (based on 25 Person Minimum)

  • * = Does not include staffing.

    Please note that our rates will be 20% higher if planning your session involves working with a committee of more than 3 people

    For Other Countries: Please contact us to request quote if you are in a position to make a decision and select a service provider within 5 to 10 business days of receiving our quote.

    Request Rough Idea of Pricing for Other Locations

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