Team Building vs Team Recreation

Can YOU spot the difference?


  • We do NOT specialize in activities that are strictly recreational.
  • Our team building ranges from 1 - 4+ days.
  • While some of our simulations integrate team challenges, we are first and foremost, management consultants and team building facilitators.



For over a decade, many hotels and companies that specialize in recreational activities have been marketing their services as "team building". While recreational events for teams have benefits, corporate play days don't generate bottom line results. They are NOT a substitute for "real" team building.

Here are the differences between team building and team recreation.

Team Building: Team building seeks to enhance team cohesiveness and performance to improve business results. In team building initiatives, a facilitator guides teams through the predictable phases of team development often described as forming, storming, norming, and performing.

Team building can be delivered on-site at your company premises, off-site as a day session or at a hotel or resort involving overnight stays, locally or at a foreign destination.

Team Recreation Team recreation is intended to get your team out of the office for a time of relaxation, recreation, and leisure. Team members intearct for fun and to get to know each other better. There are no specific business objectives or outcomes. However, it is hoped that if team members are more relaxed and comfortable with each other, this will improve interaction and communication at work.

Many team building sessions involve recreation, however, recreation is a means to an end, not the end. Let's be clear.

Yes, team building can include recreational activities but a recreational just because a group engages in activities that are "fun", this does not constitute "team building".

Team Entertainment or Corporate Events This is strictly for pleasure. It could be an active pursuit such as an Improv night with audience participation or something more passive like a dinner, concert or even dinner theatre.

If you want entertainment or recreation, then that is what you should call it. Never try to pass it off as "team building".

There is a place for team socials and recreational corporate events but they should never be confused with or used as a substitute for team building.


Our President and founder has been interviewed by a number of publications, clarifying the difference between team building and team recreation:



We hope that this chart, video, and podcast and these blog posts (below) will help clarify the difference between team building and team recreation.



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  • Learning style surveys
  • Participant profiles to identify:
    • business issues
    • team strengths
  • Full event planning (Available)



  • Executive Briefing to Set the Context
  • Team briefing by facilitator to link simulation to your business challenges



  • Facilitated:
    • cases
    • braistorming
    • problem solving
    • business exercises




Just for Fun


  • FULL Debriefing
  • Business Application Exercises





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